JumpCloud Support Policies

JumpCloud is deeply committed to the success of our customers and their business goals. We realize that directory services are critical for your organization and that’s why our customer success team stands ready to help. We support our customers across-the-board, from implementations and integration guidance to on-going education and issue triaging. Our success team is composed of dedicated, smart, and highly trained individuals backed by a customer-focused engineering and product team. We’re totally committed to your success and we always welcome your feedback on how our team can better support you and your organization.

This page lays out JumpCloud’s support policies and levels of service.

Support Eligibility

  • Paying Customers – Our customers who are currently engaged in month-to-month or annual contract billing plans with JumpCloud receive the benefit of full support assistance.
  • Free Account Customers – Support assistance is provided for the first 7 days after the date of sign-up. Ongoing support is limited to Knowledge Base research and analysis of critical defects that affect the customer base. If you’re using the free-version but would still like on-going technical assistance, support contracts are available upon request from 
  • JumpStart™ Program Participants – We also provide a trial program called JumpStart that is available at no additional cost. This program includes a dedicated support specialist to assist you in setting up quickly. JumpStart delivers unlimited users for the duration of the trial to help you test at scale. To learn more contact 

Support Includes

  • Product defect and issue triaging, analysis and resolution
  • Product integration assistance with resources through JumpCloud-supported protocols
  • Product training, implementation and migration assistance services can also be provided by our Customer Success team. To learn more please contact us at sales@jumpcloud.com

Support Does Not Include

  • General support assistance for non-paying customers
  • End-user support
  • Product on-boarding or migration planning for non-paying customers
  • Product customizations
  • Resource integration assistance through unsupported protocols, equipment, or software
  • Product training for non-paying customers
  • Professional services or product implementation
  • Support communication in languages other than English

Contacting Support:

We offer three ways to contact JumpCloud’s support team:

  • Email: Contact support and generate request tickets for assistance: 
  • Knowledge Base: Available to all and located here.

Requests should be submitted by active Administrators associated with your JumpCloud account. Note that further authentication of your identity may be required for security reasons. Please provide as much detail as you can on the problem you are experiencing, including any screen shots or other logging information that can help our team identify and resolve your issue quickly.

Hours of Support Operation

  • Monday through Friday – 9am to 5pm Mountain Time (U.S.)
  • U.S. Federal holidays excluded

Support Limitations

JumpCloud is focused on resolving any issues you experience in a timely manner and ensuring that your directory services are functioning optimally. Our Directory-as-a-Service® platform touches many different types of resources including systems, applications, and networks. We cannot and are not responsible for the quality or support assistance of third-party resources or resources which can not connect to any of JumpCloud’s documented and approved protocols. JumpCloud will make reasonable efforts to correct any issues related to our own product, but we do not guarantee that our platform is compatible with each of your resources. We urge you to check our Knowledge Base for officially supported resource integrations and protocol support.

If your systems are End of Life, unpatched, or otherwise out of date, we will ask you to update your systems before we provide support. For a current list of versions of hardware and software we support, please check our Knowledge Base.

Issue Prioritization and Escalation

While JumpCloud attempts to respond to all issues in an order-of-submission manner, issues that are impacting our customers’ production resources take priority. “Production” is defined as the integration of JumpCloud with resources actively used by the customer’s business users. It does not include testing systems, production staging systems, or other non-production environments. Your time to resolution will vary based on our current case load, the information provided to JumpCloud, and the complexity of the issue.

JumpCloud Support and the Security of your Account

JumpCloud maintains rigorous security practices and procedures to ensure the highest level of protection for your JumpCloud account. We have strict policies in place to enforce the required level of account verification in order to perform specific actions. For your protection, there are specific activities that JumpCloud support personnel will not perform without proper authentication. These include:

  • Deleting your account without proper authorization – We require detailed authorization checks to verify your identity when you wish to delete your account. A customer support engineer will enumerate those upon request to delete an account.
  • Password changes – No JumpCloud employee has the ability to see or access your account’s password – that includes our success, engineering, and operations teams. JumpCloud maintains highly secure hashing and salting of passwords. No JumpCloud employee has the ability to change your password for you or to change it to something that you tell us to change it to. Additionally, no JumpCloud employee will ever ask you for your password.
  • Provide access to an IT resource – JumpCloud will not honor any requests for an individual to be added to a resource that your organization controls. While you may be an administrator, JumpCloud will not take this action for you at any time. If for some reason you are unable to do that on your own, we will work with you to find the root cause of the issue and will treat the issue as a defect.
  • Providing account-related information without proper authorization – We require detailed authorization checks to verify your identity before we grant information related to your account. A customer support engineer will enumerate those upon request.

Support means Success at JumpCloud

Our goal is to provide you with a world class platform and support experience. We appreciate your feedback if anything isn’t to that standard. You can reach out to us via our support email or please feel free to write our  or our  with any feedback.

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