Secure Password Management with IdentityOS®

Strong passwords and secure management without the friction.

Password Management Done within the Safety of Your User’s Device

The IdentityOS app delivers secure, frictionless password management for your users from within the secure environment of their JumpCloud-managed MacOS and Windows devices.

Minimize Security Risks

Peace-of-mind login and password changes; the JumpCloud IdentityOS app minimizes phishing risk and ensures your employees can safely manage their credentials within their JumpCloud-managed device.

Self-Service Credentialing

Employees updating and managing their own credentials has never been easier (or more secure). The JumpCloud app installed on the employee’s device enables convenient management of the employee’s credentials without the need for IT to intervene.

Strong Passwords Made Easy

User-friendly employee password update reminders, password rotations and complexity checks can be automated through the IdentityOS app.

Simple to Use Applet

A simple-to-use applet that works seamlessly with Windows or MacOS devices provides end users with direct access to the mechanisms they need to update and manage their core JumpCloud account password.

password expiration screen

One Change To Rule Them All

Create, maintain and use strong passwords across all the applications you use. Whenever an end user changes their JumpCloud password via the applet it is reflected across all applications, systems, networks and services they use that same account for.

Password up-to-date

Notifications and Reminders

An intuitive end user workflow and automated reminders ensure password compliance is maintained across your organization.

Security At Its Core

Works seamlessly across JumpCloud’s identity, access and device management solutions to enable secure remote access to virtually all IT resources without the complexity.

Even with a small amount of end users, manual tasks like password changes can quickly become a huge time sink. Learn how Doublestruck overcame this with JumpCloud.

Password tickets can swamp IT teams, but you can take steps to increase remote user efficiency and self-service and keep your team focused on other critical tasks.

The average business employee keeps track of 191 passwords, which leads to the fear of forgetting a password outweighing the fear of a potential data breach.