JumpCloud crowdstrike

Leverage JumpCloud with CrowdStrike

Seamlessly secure your devices — from anywhere.

With JumpCloud Device Management, You Can:

  • Manage multiple OSs from one console
  • Secure your fleet with full disk encryption (FDE)
  • Stay current with OS patch management
  • Seamlessly deploy from the Falcon dashboard

Secure Authentication Across Your Stack

Strengthen Device Security Posture at All Times

Improve device security and eliminate vulnerabilities by deploying the latest patch updates — minimal IT intervention needed.

Device Security Without Hurdles

Use JumpCloud policies to enable BitLocker, FileVault 2, and Linux encryption to ensure your fleet remains secure.

Prove Compliance Without Hassles

Easily track device updates, encryption, and permission changes with out-of-the-box logging and reporting features.

Create Your JumpCloud Account to Begin:

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Workato automates custom JumpCloud workflows, from automated employee onboarding and offboarding to Slackbots.

Keeper gives JumpCloud users zero-knowledge encryption and SSO-based access for complete coverage of credentials and passwords.

Protect JumpCloud users with secure networking access driven by Mist AI. Long gone are the days of using insecure channels to share Wi-Fi passwords.

JumpCloud Strategic Partners

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