Leverage JumpCloud and Personio Together

JumpCloud and Personio work together to simplify the lives of busy business owners, HR, and IT professionals. The integration allows customers to complete key IT tasks, making hiring, onboarding, and managing employees more streamlined and secure.

The joint integration provides a smooth and more secure workflow between HR and IT.

  • Seamlessly onboard and update users from Personio into JumpCloud.
  • Automatically provision and provide secure access to applications; and get a full view of your environment from a single pane of glass.
  • Secure your fleet with over 150 out-of-the-box policies such as full disk encryption, lock screen, local firewall controls etc.

Pricing Advantage for Personio Customers

1 year of JumpCloud Packages for Identity & SSO with the option to add Device Management - applies to 11 users or more.

JumpCloud Directory & MFA

Provision and manage users and their access to business-critical web apps

Enable users to easily access all their assigned web apps from the JumpCloud user portal

Access to apps via SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Hundreds of pre-configured connectors


$4 / User / Month / Monthly Billing

*After 1 year, standard rates apply

JumpCloud Pricing

Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Live Remote Assist

JumpCloud Cloud Directory

Standard Support

JumpCloud Protect Authenticator App

System Insights


$10 / User / Month

*After 1 year, standard rates apply

JumpCloud Pricing

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With JumpCloud and Personio powering their operations, Empatica is ready to write its next chapter.

This partnership integrates JumpCloud’s open directory platform with Personio’s HRIS solution to initiate identity lifecycle management tasks, which are performed automatically, fully, and consistently by JumpCloud based on the authoritative data provided by Personio.

Uncover how IT and HR can become a unified force for better employee experiences and greater process efficiency.

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