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JumpCloud SAML SSO gives your users convenient and secure access to JFrog with a single set of credentials for a true single sign-on experience. JumpCloud’s SSO integration with JFrog includes:

  • SAML 2.0 Connector – enables users with a JumpCloud account to authenticate to JFrog with one set of credentials and a single login action for a true single sign-on experience.

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The process of standing up an LDAP server can be tough, but with JumpCloud we handle that. Here, you simply learn how to connect your application to LDAP.

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Be part of the cloud directory ecosystem that connects all IT resources from identity, access, and device.

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This blog covers everything you need to know about LDAP, from its origins to its place in the cloud-driven business world today, and explains how it works, how it’s used, how to get started, and which LDAP server solutions might be right for your needs.

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