The new JumpCloud REST V2 API is completely RESTful and offers a rich set of functionality and standards you’d expect in a RESTful API Interface.  

Directory Objects

The JumpCloud REST API allows you to interface with some of our core features; otherwise known as Directory Objects. Directory Objects include: Commands, Policies, Applications, Systems, Users, User Groups, System Groups, Radius Servers as well as other third-party Directories Services like Office 365, LDAP, G-Suite, and Active Directory.

JumpCloud Graph

By understanding our Directory Object Model you can easily leverage a new feature of our API called the JumpCloud Graph.  The Graph is a powerful aspect of our platform which will enable you to associate objects with each other, or establish membership for certain objects to become members of other objects. Using our REST API to interact with your Organization’s Directory Objects, and combining that with the power of our Graph, will enable you to have granular controls over the authentication, authorization, and access of your IT endpoints in your company.

You can view our complete API and SDK documentation at


  • RESTful API Interface
  • CRUD abilities for all Directory Objects in your organization
  • Object Association and Membership capabilities

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