Password Complexity Management

JumpCloud’s Password Complexity Builder provides administrators complete control over the level of complexity and use of passwords that employees utilize. Password complexity management enables IT to create and enforce the use of strong passwords to better protect your organization, all in a simple to use interface. Don’t be an easy target for hackers. Rest easy knowing that the passwords that govern access to user workstations and core systems alike will always be complex and secure.


  • Minimum Length: Set the minimum number of characters the password must be.
  • Complexity: Increase security by selecting various complexity settings including case and special characters.
  • Originality: Prevent the user from inserting their account username within the password.
  • Password Aging:
    • Define the number of passwords (up to 5) recently used before the user can re-use a password.
    • Set a number of days for when the password will expire and require the user to create a new password.
    • Provide a time frame in number of days before the date of expiry that the system will send the user a reminder email to change their password as their password will be expiring.


  • Make it exponentially harder for hackers to crack your user’s passwords.
  • Create mechanisms to ensure that users are leveraging unique passwords for their business accounts versus personal accounts.
  • Improve security by ensuring your employees are utilizing passwords that meet or exceed your organization’s security requirement.
  • Allow your employees to completely self manage their password creation and re-set, while administrators govern the complexity.
  • See which user’s passwords fall out of compliance in a simple to use interface.


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