Your Identity-as-a-Service Strategy

Written by Greg Keller on November 22, 2016

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IDaaS, also known as Identity-as-a-Service, is a hot topic in today’s IT organization. With the shift to the cloud, mixed-platform environments, multiple providers, and users all over the world, controlling a user’s identity infrastructure is a major challenge.

Unfortunately, many IDaaS providers have been shaping the conversation in a narrow view – towards their solutions for web application single sign-on.

The truth is that your Identity-as-a-Service strategy can be an all-encompassing solution. It can be your True Single Sign-On approach across your entire infrastructure and platforms.

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) is Often Misunderstood 2016-07-22 12-42-05

Before diving into what your strategy can look like, let’s talk about how IDaaS as a term has been misused – and why this narrow approach doesn’t help IT organizations.

IDaaS has become synonymous with SSO, specifically, web application SSO. When the SSO providers emerged in the 2000s, they were built on top of Microsoft Active Directory, the core identity provider at the time. Most IT organizations could not imagine a reason for getting rid of on-prem AD and moving into the cloud with directory services. Access to web applications was a different story, though. It made some sense to have that be in the cloud and federate identities from AD. Along with the SSO providers, Gartner and other analyst firms rallied around the term Identity-as-a-Service.

Redefining Expectations


With the significant change in the IT landscape, a central and cloud-based identity management platform is needed. The world isn’t Microsoft Windows and on-prem anymore, and the concept of Active Directory is antiquated. Building your identity and access management approach around a solution that caters to one platform and location doesn’t make sense. Saying that IDaaS is really just SSO doesn’t make much sense, either. IDaaS can be so much more than that for your organization. It can be your central identity that federates access to virtually any IT resources, including systems, applications, and networks.

Think of IDaaS as your central identity provider that authenticates, authorizes, and manages users and devices. As a cloud-hosted directory, it connects to Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, integrates with on-prem LDAP applications, controls AWS cloud servers, provides SSO to web applications, and controls WiFi access, among other things. In a sense, IDaaS is the integration of directory services, LDAP, web application SSO, device management, MFA, cloud RADIUS services, and event / audit / governance logging. IDaaS is Active Directory and OpenLDAP reimagined for the modern, cloud-forward organization.

Reimagine Your Identity-as-a-Service Strategy With JumpCloud®


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