Why use Identity and Access Management?

Written by George Lattimore on March 8, 2019

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IT is steadily becoming more and more important to organizations. With every organization on the planet needing to leverage online automation and tools to compete in their respective industries, it’s no surprise that business owners and executives are also taking time to learn how IT technology can help their organization. In this article we’ll talk about why to use identity and access management (IAM) technology in particular.

What is IAM?

Before we can get into the benefits of IAM technology, we should briefly clarify what it is exactly we’re referring to. The concept of identity and access management emerged many years ago as networks were being deployed. IT admins realized that they needed a way to control who could access various IT resources such as servers and applications. Over time, this capability—often called a directory service—would emerge as a central infrastructure component for modern organizations.

For most organizations, the legacy IAM solution—traditionally Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD or MAD)—worked well as the network was primarily Windows®-based and on-prem. But as organizations started to leverage innovative solutions such as cloud infrastructure from AWS®, G Suite™ and Office 365™, macOS® and Linux® machines, WiFi, and more, the historical IAM approach broke down. The foundation simply wasn’t flexible enough to stabilize when the ground beneath the industry began shifting to the cloud.

So, the result is that business owners and executives are now being asked to spend money and allocate resources to find a new generation of identity and access management to serve the needs of their modern organizations. For most leaders, the simple question being asked is why will this technology help us?

Productivity Meets Security

In the case of identity and access management, the ‘why’ is actually pretty straightforward. First of all, the right modern IAM solution makes your workforce more productive. It gives employees secure access to the IT resources that are best suited to help them do their job, instead of just those resources that are conveniently tied to a legacy platform or single vendor. In turn, this gives business leaders the freedom to choose the best solutions for their organization, which often leads to better business outcomes at a lower cost. In addition to end user productivity, innovative cloud-based identity and access management solutions also increase security and support compliance initiatives such as GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA to name just a few. Since 60% of SMBs have been reported to go under within 6 months of a cyber attack, security has become a cornerstone of any lasting organization.

While business owners and executives may not be familiar with the term identity and access management, the underlying benefits of IAM technology are important to understand and leverage. With 78% of SMBs forecasted to have adopted cloud technology in some capacity by 2020, now’s the time for organizations to secure their employees’ identities and access to resources with modern IAM technology. Once security, productivity, and access to best-in-class tools are understood as some of the immediate benefits IAM technology brings to an organization, business owners and executives can begin seriously surveying the options at hand.

Next-Gen IAM Solution

One IAM tool that has quickly gained traction with over 50k organizations is JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. The identity management platform provides organizations with a dependable and flexible way to secure their employees identities to best-in-class tools and resources, regardless of the platform (Mac, Windows, Linux), provider (AWS, G Suite, O365, etc.), location (on-prem, cloud, remote), or protocol (SAML 2.0, LDAP, etc.) needed.

If you’d like to try JumpCloud for yourself, keep in mind that registering your first 10 users is completely free, so you can explore all the IAM platform’s features first hand. If you’d like to talk with a product expert about why to use identity and access management at your organization, feel free to send an email and a representative will get back to you shortly.

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