The Secret Sauce for SaaS

Written by Jon Griffin on April 7, 2018

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The SaaS industry is evolving incredibly quickly. Every year, new products and features are released that help to improve cost efficiency and productivity in offices everywhere. The case for the cloud keeps getting easier for IT admins to make, and as a result companies of all sizes are switching to these SaaS solutions. However, it is not all smooth sailing with the transition to the cloud. Often, end users will end up with innumerable decentralized identities and will file support tickets as a result of forgotten passwords or account lockouts. This puts a burden on the IT admins of these SaaS environments, as they are the ones who need to take time out of their other responsibilities to remedy these issues. IT is looking for a “secret sauce” to better manage SaaS platforms and their associated identities.

Below, you’ll find one approach to SaaS app management that can substantially reduce the time spent on dealing with browser tabs and tickets. With it, you can “outsmart” your end users by building your own automation process. JumpCloud’s Senior Success Engineer, Scott Reed, recently did a webinar that covered this topic. In it, he dives under the surface of SaaS platforms to show how you can convert RESTful API calls into PowerShell functions. The topics that are covered include:

  • RESTful API basics, and insight into the activity behind the curtains of cloud platforms
  • Tips on using PowerShell and the command Invoke-RestMethod to automate your daily workflow with SaaS platforms
  • Examples of more efficient interaction with MXToolBox and G Suite
  • Basics on PowerShell module building

If increasing the automation in your organization sounds like something you might be interested in, then check out the How to Kill Browser Tabs and Tickets Using PowerShell | The Secret Sauce for SaaS webinar below:

Learn More About the Secret Sauce for SaaS and the JumpCloud PowerShell Module

The Secret Sauce for SaaS

If you have a JumpCloud account, you can test out the JumpCloud PowerShell Module for yourself and explore the secret sauce for SaaS. With the recent open-sourcing of the PowerShell language, the module can be used for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. Check out our GitHub page here to find out how to install it. Then, you can tune into some of our tutorial videos to see how it can be used to increase the automation in your workflow. Some common tasks that can be automated include:

  • Import/export of user accounts
  • Pulling of reports
  • Triggering of JumpCloud commands
  • And much more

If you don’t have a JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® account, it’s not too late! JumpCloud offers 10 users free forever for all accounts. We don’t even ask for credit card info. Test out the varying IT tools, like user management, cross-platform system management, SSO, cloud LDAP, RADIUS, and more. Contact us with any questions that you might have.

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