Cloud NAS Simplifies Multi-Site File Collaboration

Written by Chase Doelling on September 11, 2019

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Creative, engineering, and architectural firms are generating terabytes of content and assets that need to be quickly shared. At such volumes, the constant uploading and downloading required of generic cloud storage solutions begin to inhibit productivity. Network-attached storage (NAS) has been the solution for those in a single office or network, but how do you extend these benefits across multiple sites and geographies?

In addition, the on-premise nature of NAS creates challenges to manage user permissions remotely, creating a physical shackle for IT administrators. To achieve multi-site networked attached storage and securely grant access remotely, both the domain controller and the traditional NAS need to be lifted into cloud architecture. 

Morro Data’s CloudNAS hybrid cloud file server maintains the on-premise speed while files are synced, shared, and stored in the cloud. This allows multiple sites to collaborate, regardless of where they are physically. But how can IT achieve the same results if they are also remote?

By integrating JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service with Morro Data’s CloudNAS, the credentials of those accessing the files on CloudNAS are centrally maintained and can be accessed with a single password. This removes the need for separate domain controllers at each site. This post will highlight how Morro Data’s CloudNAS takes advantage of JumpCloud’s centralized user management in an Office 365 environment.

Using JumpCloud and Morro Data to Manage and Accelerate SharePoint File Access

IT administrators can now quickly onboard new employees in remote locations — not only their network file shares but hundreds of cloud applications, WiFi and their laptop from a single dashboard.

To see this cloud solution in action, we are going to use an example across JumpCloud, SharePoint, and Morro Data.

To import new users from Office 365, enable the JumpCloud Office 365 directory sync with Office 365 to seamlessly import your new employees.

Enabling this sync allows centrally managed employees in Office 365 to become users in the JumpCloud directory, remotely granting access to Morro Data CloudNAS. In the Morro Data team page, use the Office 365 sync to enable the authorization.  

Once authorized from Office 365, in the Apps page, select SharePoint Sync.

Now with a single JumpCloud login, users can access SharePoint files via the web browser or the accelerated shares on the Morro Data CloudNAS solution. The cloud-first solution enables remote onboarding of new employees and contractors to securely and seamlessly access the documents they need to be productive.

For a complete step-by-step demonstration of this secure CloudNAS solution, you can watch the video here.

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