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Written by Vince Lujan on December 29, 2017

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Controlling identities can be painful in the modern era of IT. In the past, because everything was on-prem, Microsoft Active Directory® could manage an organization’s passwords, and it allowed there to be one central spot to control and secure passwords. With the rapid transition to the cloud – and the host of new apps each requiring a set of credentials – IT has lost a lot of control over password management. Fortunately, a new cloud-based directory service is delivering a SaaS password management platform.

Password Management for the Old IT Network

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The IT network used to be simple. The machines were all Windows-based, and everything was located on-prem. With this setup, a user could simply change their password within Active Directory and it was updated for all of the IT resources that connected to it. From there, IT admins could enforce password complexity settings across their user base with ease. However, when it comes to technology, constant innovation ensures that nothing stays the same for long.

With the innovation of the cloud, applications and IT resources quickly started to make the move. As a result, the more the IT landscape shifted, the less Active Directory could manage on the network. Many solutions were developed to help Active Directory bridge the gap to the cloud, but this added complexity to the workflow because it required multiple bandages to maintain functionality.

This put IT admins in a challenging position. With identity theft and breaches escalating, how could IT organizations centralize password management and lock down their identities?

Password Management for the Modern IT Network

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A new generation of SaaS password management solutions is emerging to give control back to IT admins over the IT resources that their users are connecting to. Directory-as-a-Service® is a modern approach that centralizes identity and access management. One identity can be connected to virtually any IT resource, through one central directory. This is possible because this modern IDaaS platform serves as the core identity provider, and federates those secure identities to IT resources regardless of the platform, protocol, provider, or location.

IT admins can set password complexity requirements including minimum length, complexity, password reuse, and more. Additionally, multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be added to accounts for access to the web portal as well as their Mac or Linux devices. IT admins can manage the user identities, and password management via a cloud hosted system for cloud, on-prem, and remote users. It’s modern password management for the modern IT network.

Learn More About SaaS Password Management

If you would like to learn more about SaaS password management, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have and show you how the feature works. You can also sign up for a free account of the cloud-based directory if you would like to test it out for yourself. We offer 10 free users forever, with no credit card info required, so there’s no reason not to give it a shot. Try it out and see how SaaS password management would work for you!

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