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Written by Zach DeMeyer on July 10, 2018

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A new generation of IT management solutions are emerging to support modern approaches to networks. Spearheading this new generation is a solution called JumpCloud
® Directory-as-a-Service®. Directory-as-a-Service is a SaaS cloud IAM platform that connects users to the IT resources they need. To understand why this new approach to identity and access management is so powerful, we need to understand the current state of IT and its transformation.

The State of Modern IT

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For many years, the IT landscape was dominated by Microsoft
® and Windows®-based solutions including systems, file servers, applications, and networks. Microsoft took advantage of their dominance by creating an identity management solution that connected users to their Windows IT resources with the solution, Active Directory®. As we now know, this was a brilliant move and secured Microsoft’s dominance over the IT management space.

Just like the times, the IT industry is a-changin’. Modern networks are mixed platform and heterogeneous. End users are leveraging Mac® and Linux® systems in addition to Windows machines that used to traditionally fill the workplace. The data center is shifting from being on-prem or collocated to next generation Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms, such as AWS®, Google Cloud Platform®, and Azure® among others. On-prem applications are making way for web-based applications such as G Suite™, Office 365™, Slack, Salesforce®, GitHub™, Jira®, and thousands of others. File storage is shifting from Windows File Server to new services like G Drive, Box™, and Dropbox™ as well as cost-effective, on-prem solutions like NAS appliances and Samba file servers.

All of these approaches to IT resources are a significant departure from the networks of yesterday. Despite all of these improvements to the IT landscape, modern IT organizations are still searching for a SaaS cloud IAM platform that can serve as a replacement to Active Directory. These forward thinking IT admins know that they need an identity management platform that is cross-platform, multi-protocol, provider agnostic, and location independent in order to let their organization use the best IT resources for them.

A SaaS Cloud IAM Solution for the Modern Era

SaaS Mac Management with JumpCloud

That’s where JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service comes in. A SaaS cloud IAM solution, Directory-as-a-Service provides a hyper-secure identity provider that connect users to their networks, applications, systems, and files with True Single Sign-On™ and multi-factor authentication. It also operates independent of protocol, platform, or location, and drives ease-of-use for both users and IT admins. If these features sound appealing to you and your organization, schedule a demo or even try Directory-as-a-Service on your own for free. Our free account provides up to 10 users, forever. To learn more about JumpCloud, check out the video below or contact us.

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