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Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on June 14, 2020

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JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service has partnered with Splashtop, a leading remote computer access software provider, to give managed service providers (MSPs) the tools they need to manage access and troubleshoot user machines remotely.

The combined tools equip MSPs to support their client organizations adjusting to remote work, using entirely cloud-based infrastructure, which means they can reduce or eliminate site visits but maintain the same level of security and service.

Remote Access & Management From the Cloud

JumpCloud’s access control and device management platform paired with Splashtop’s remote desktop and support offerings enable administrators to shift to remote work productively.

MSPs can use JumpCloud’s modern cloud directory platform either as a standalone service or as a comprehensive identity bridge, to extend Active Directory to IT resources that AD struggles to manage. They connect users with resources via protocols including SAML, LDAP, and RADIUS, as well as configure and manage their Windows, macOS, and Linux machines. MSPs can also monitor and manage multiple organizations from the centralized Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP), a web-based dashboard that delivers a comprehensive view into each individual client organization from a single pane. 

Splashtop complements JumpCloud by providing users with access to their in-office systems, such as desktops, from devices they have at home. For remote workers that can’t bring their systems home, Splashtop provides a lifeline to keep them working. Splashtop also enables remote support by giving MSPs full desktop control over remote machines. MSPs can view multiple monitors in real time, transfer files, and remote wake and reboot, as well as enable an unlimited number of technicians to support their clients’ needs. 


Enable Secure Hybrid Work Anywhere, Anytime

Identity, access, and device management from a single cloud-based console

Benefits of Using JumpCloud & Splashtop

By combining JumpCloud and Splashtop in your offering to client organizations, you meet core needs without increasing your dependence on on-premises infrastructure, which can be harder to service and manage during this period of remote work. High-level benefits of this approach include: 

  • Seamless and secure user access: Control user access to IT resources including Windows, macOS, and Linux machines, cloud and file servers, legacy and web applications, WiFi and VPN networks.
  • Strong security practices: Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) at virtually all access points, as well as establish controls over remote users’ machines and networks.
  • End user enablement: Troubleshoot remote machines and keep users productive, no matter where they’re located.

Learn More

JumpCloud and Splashtop partnered to ensure that MSPs and IT organizations have the tools they need to conduct business remotely — and that both users and admins log into both services via their JumpCloud credentials. Click here to learn more about the partnership and how to put these tools into action in your WFH environment. 

JumpCloud Partner Program

JumpCloud also offers a Partner program specifically to work with MSPs and resellers, offer competitive margins, and provide co-marketing opportunities. Learn more about integrating JumpCloud identity and access management into your offering to clients.

Cassa Niedringhaus

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