Seamless Remote Work: JumpCloud Partners with Splashtop

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on June 9, 2020

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To succeed with workers in remote environments, IT administrators need solutions to connect users to their resources and to access those users’ machines for configuration and troubleshooting.

JumpCloud® is a full-suite cloud directory service that enables admins to securely connect users to their systems, applications, networks, and files. With JumpCloud, admins can deploy GPO-like Policies to configure and secure the macOS®, Windows®, and Linux® machines in their fleets, as well as monitor those machines for key data points about their hardware, software, and networks.

Splashtop, a leading remote computer access software, complements JumpCloud’s system management capabilities by allowing admins to access and control remote user machines for live troubleshooting sessions and solutions. Splashtop also allows remote users to access their in-office systems.

JumpCloud and Splashtop have partnered to ensure organizations and their users have seamless support as they navigate their new work environments.

Remote Access & Troubleshooting

JumpCloud and Splashtop can support users whether they take company-owned laptops home in the shift to remote work or they need to access in-office systems via a variety of devices, including personal desktops, tablets, or phones.

Admins can configure and secure JumpCloud-managed machines with measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) at login, full disk encryption, and lock screen requirements. They can provision core JumpCloud identities to those machines, as well as virtually all other IT resources, including Splashtop. Users can then employ Splashtop to access their in-office systems and, through those, their corporate networks.

Admins can also use Splashtop to access remote machines in the event that users file support tickets. A powerful screen-sharing tool is a necessary part of a remote admin’s troubleshooting arsenal, and Splashtop gives admins the ability to control devices, share screens, record sessions, support multiple monitors, and more.

Launching JumpCloud + Splashtop 

You can securely combine JumpCloud and Splashtop in your environment via a pre-built SAML connector. That way, you can onboard and offboard Splashtop users directly from the central, web-based Admin Portal in JumpCloud as you would with other SaaS applications.

To get started with the combined solution, you’ll need both a JumpCloud and a Splashtop account. Once both are established, you’ll need to download the Splashtop Business app on managed endpoints, such as user laptops. You can remotely install the Splashtop application on managed machines across your fleet via JumpCloud and a package manager, and users can access Splashtop on their personal devices via or the Splashtop Business app — both of which will defer authentication to JumpCloud.

During your deployment, we recommend you require MFA on JumpCloud-managed devices, as well as via Splashtop, so that users must provide a second form of authentication before accessing your organization’s assets.

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At JumpCloud, we’re committed to keeping organizations productive and secure as they navigate the transition to remote work, and we’re excited to announce this partnership with Splashtop to provide a cloud-based management suite.

Cassa Niedringhaus

Cassa is a product marketing specialist at JumpCloud with a degree in Magazine Writing from the University of Missouri. When she’s not at work, she likes to hike, ski and read.

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