Q1 2023 Partner Roadmap & Vision

The Future of the Multi-Tenant Portal

Written by David Worthington on January 26, 2023

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JumpCloud provides your clients with the flexibility of choice across their resources. Its open directory approach takes in identities from anywhere, keeps them in sync, and enables seamless access and device management capabilities. It works regardless of the underlying operating system or authentication mechanism that’s being used (whether a device is corporate owned or BYOD). This quarter, JumpCloud is further refining its MSP approach with targeted enhancements to its Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) that increases visibility, and integrates ticketing. 

The future vision for MTP is to make it possible for technicians to take more actions (on users) from a centralized view and then push those out into individual organizations. The intention is to help make MSPs more productive, focused, and accurate in managing clients’ IT infrastructures.

There are many new features to unpack, as well as new marketing support services to share that are dedicated to help grow your business. Let’s start with a recap of the roadmap for the MTP for Q1, followed by an outline of our longer term vision for the future of the MTP; you can also watch the full recording of the webinar here.

Multi-Tenant Portal in Q1

JumpCloud is adding several MSP-specific enhancements that will help you securely and efficiently provide your customers with seamless access to their IT resources. Widgets can easily access the Learning Center, JumpCloud University, and JumpCloud office hour webinars.


New widgets assist with:

  • Creating Users/Devices Page for MTP with bulk action capabilities.
  • Creating a Command Page, allowing commands to be run, created, modified, etc.
  • Creating a widget to generate reports across organizations while remaining on the homepage.
screenshot of new widgets


It’s now easier to audit and export records of admin activity from within the MTP to increase visibility. Over time, JumpCloud will expand reporting from child organizations (as well as Directory Insights and System Insights) to provide a single interface across all organizations.

jumpcloud for MSPs reporting

Syncro Integration

An integration with Syncro provides an easy data source for MSPs to leverage in the creation of alerts/tickets to notify administrators of certain events, status changes, or thresholds on their child organizations. This integration will accelerate your time frame to identify and resolve the issue(s) involved. Other ticketing integrations include AutoTask PSA and ConnectWise.

screenshot of integrations

JumpCloud Platform

This webinar recap of the Q1 2023 platform roadmap outlines numerous potential and planned enhancements in detail. Here’s a summary for each of the areas that were discussed:

  • Open directory platform: JumpCloud’s open directory is not locked down to a single technology stack or vendor. You can mix and match identity sources, authentication targets, and access management environments.
  • Identity and access management (IAM): JumpCloud is uniquely positioned to leverage its dual presence in device and identity management to introduce robust conditional access policies. Password Manager and multi-factor authentication (MFA) enhancements reduce friction for end users while improving your security posture.
  • Password Manager: JumpCloud’s Password Manager has a decentralized architecture that eliminates master passwords. Master passwords are usually considered a weak point of many cloud-based password management solutions. Consequently, there’s been significant growth in user adoption and many feature requests from our customers.
  • Device management: JumpCloud has extended support for Windows by blending its agent-based endpoint management approach with Microsoft’s mobile device management (MDM) protocols. Patch Management is broadening its release to browsers and popular third-party applications. We’re also close to an Android enterprise mobility management (EMM) release.
  • Data services: Our mission is to provide observability, analytics, and insights into activities within the JumpCloud ecosystem. We do this by collecting relevant data at scale, by generating the right events, and by building the right data relations and connections. This is made possible through backend work that helps with compliance and security.
screenshot of the jumpcloud platform
graphic of a phone with apps showing
Android management is arriving

Now, let’s pivot to the future of JumpCloud for MSPs and discuss the long term vision for the MTP and how it makes managing users across organizations even simpler and more effective.

The Future of Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP)

Today, MSPs use the MTP to create, set up, and navigate child organizations. The platform is evolving to streamline management across multiple child organizations, without “jumping into” those children. It’s a user-centric vision for a one-to-manage management workflow. The following four axioms underpin the design and implementation of the MTP. A prototype is also shown below.

dashboard of the multi-tenant portal

Surface What Matters Immediately

Our design approach will help users instantly understand the hierarchy of action regarding their most important metrics. The design principles are:

  • Support efficiency by presenting information and actions logically and in context.
  • Elevate key features so that users are quickly productive and realize the value of JumpCloud.
  • Build confidence and reduce friction to ensure adoption, retention, and expansion of our platform.

Make What Matters Actionable

Our approach will help engineers take quick, effective action to focus on the path of least resistance to get back online, stop a breach, and restore productivity. These are the core design principles:

  • Allow partners to act on what they see when they see it.
  • Avoid confusion by keeping content useful and concise.
  • Reduce time to complete tasks with fewer clicks, quicker load times, and less friction.

Optimized for Multi-Tenancy

Through intentional design, we will help our users work efficiently at scale and deep-dive when they need to. The design principles are:

  • Use overt wayfinding to ensure users know where they are and what they’re affecting.
  • Optimize controls and visibility that allow bulk actions, task automation, and deploying at scale.
  • Reduce effort required to complete tedious and/or repetitive tasks.

Reduce Mistakes

Our designs will comprise intuitively consistent patterns, simple presentation, and concise verbiage that guides users through workflows — and raises their level of confidence in their choices. The design principles are:

  • Help avoid re-work or unintended destructive actions.
  • Use unobtrusive guidance only when required.
  • Use our expertise to guide users toward appropriate actions and solutions.

Marketing, Sales, and Onboarding Asset Creation Support

JumpCloud is also rolling out a task force to generate business development resources for MTP customers to help grow their business(es) and educate clients about the platform, making it easier to onboard your clients. The team is dedicated to your business to help you attract customers. We’d appreciate your feedback to better understand what assets would be the most helpful to you. For example, co-branded marketing materials to assist with sales.

MSP Implementation Services

JumpCloud has introduced an implementation arm to its professional services team to help MSPs apply its technologies to scale as seamlessly as possible. Every MSP has unique business requirements, and this team will assist with the approach to and implementation of JumpCloud in the best way possible and ensure a strong start to our relationship.

Try JumpCloud for MSPs

You can get hands-on experience with the MTP without a partnership agreement for your first child organization. Sign up for free and simply select that you’re an MSP to access the MTP.

David Worthington

I'm the JumpCloud Champion for Product, Security. JumpCloud and Microsoft certified, security analyst, a one-time tech journalist, and former IT director.

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