Cloud System Management for MSPs

Written by Ryan Squires on December 13, 2018

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are actively looking to modernize their system management capabilities. As a result, many MSPs are shifting from the old school break/fix model to one of cloud delivered system management services. The benefits of this change in approach are significant for not only the MSPs, but their clients as well. To that end, IT admins and MSP technicians are eager to discover a cloud system management for MSPs service worth trying.

System Management is Rarely Inclusive

Virtual System Management

The historical challenge for MSPs regarding system management relates to the fact that system management has traditionally been a highly segmented market with solutions for either Apple® platforms, or more commonly, Microsoft® Windows® systems. It has been rare to find a cross-platform solution that can manage both Windows and macOS® endpoints. Plus, it is even more rare to find one that plays nicely with Linux® as well. The end result is that MSPs are forced to manage multiple systems from disparate tools, and often these implementations are not optimized for MSPs.

Reasons for Cloud System Management

Why Cloud System Management

As systems can make or break organizations, it is more important than ever for MSPs to have viable, cross-platform solutions. End users are demanding access to the platforms that they know and love. In fact, 68% of enterprise employees reported that they’re more productive when they get to decide what OS they use on their work machine.

In addition to providing users the ability to choose their system, the workplace is more mobile than ever. Laptops have taken over. So, organizations need to leverage more innovative products in order to keep end users productive and safe. A remote worker needs to access their resources in just as safe a manner as somebody physically in the building. Finally, clients and MSPs are looking for efficient solutions to keep costs down. So, the end goal is to balance the need for innovation with the desire to keep costs manageable.

Cloud System Management for MSPs

Moving MSP infrastructure to the cloud

When you put all those components together, MSPs are looking for a cloud system management solution that is cross-platform, works from the cloud for cloud resources, manages on-prem infrastructure such as laptops, desktops, and networking equipment, is MSP ready with multi-tenant capabilities, and ultimately represents a cost-effective solution with room to scale as the company changes over time. Well, that’s a tall order—but thankfully, there’s no need to compromise.

The good news here is that there is a cloud system management platform for MSPs that is gaining a great deal of traction in the MSP community. It’s called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. JumpCloud enables MSPs to manage the three major platforms from the cloud. Further, MSPs can push Policies and commands remotely to ensure that their clients are protected from bad actors, lost laptops, and weak passwords. Lost laptops are protected by full disk encryption (FDE) if they were to fall into the wrong hands. Finally, password complexity requirements can be pushed to Mac, Windows, and Linux from a single pane of administrative glass. MSPs can now have it all—innovation and cost savings—with JumpCloud’s multiple pricing tiers.

Don’t just take it from us— Jon Abbott of Priority One had this to say: “JumpCloud’s ability to send out Powershell commands is just absolutely brilliant. We’ve saved so much time with that alone,” Abbott explained. “Windows 10 by default doesn’t automatically lock your screen, which is really strange as Windows 10 is all about security. But with JumpCloud, we were able to push a policy to fix that to all of the machines instantly, and we know they’ve all got it because the command results came back and told us.”

Learn More About JumpCloud

Because JumpCloud is a platform agnostic, cloud-based system management tool, MSPs can centralize their clients into a single interface for more efficient management. With the Multi-Tenant Portal, centralization goes one step further. Now, MSPs can manage ALL of their clients from a single pane of administrative glass. No more hopping from place to place in order to effectively manage what could be dozens of clients. JumpCloud is a solution designed to provide Cloud System Management for MSPs.

About the Partner Program

JumpCloud partners program for MSPs

JumpCloud’s Partner Program empowers IT Service Providers with central identity management from the cloud. Fine-tuned for MSPs with cloud security offerings or clients transitioning to the cloud, Directory-as-a-Service can be easily bundled at the center of any product stack to make your business, and your clients’ businesses, more efficient and scalable. Make Work Happen™ for your clients while improving the bottom line for your business.

Ryan Squires

Ryan Squires is a content writer at JumpCloud, a company dedicated to connecting users to the IT resources they need securely and efficiently. He has a degree in Journalism and Media Communication from Colorado State University.

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