Manage FreeNAS™ Access from the Cloud

Written by Jon Griffin on January 12, 2018

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When it comes to storage operating systems, one popular open source option is FreeNAS™. Many organizations leverage the FreeNAS software and appliances as their on-prem file server solution, but there can be a disconnect between the storage platform and the rest of the IT infrastructure. As IT organizations look to integrate these storage solutions into their IT infrastructure, a common question arises: “Can you can manage FreeNAS access from the cloud?”

Securing Digital Assets

freeNAS security

Controlling access to data within an organization is an incredibly important function of IT. With more data breaches occurring than ever before, securing the digital assets of an organization can be critical. We have all seen examples of near company ending events with examples such as Equifax, Yahoo, Target, and many others (CNN). It’s clear that in light of these events securing your digital assets has never been a higher IT priority. A large factor in this effort centers around where your data is being stored.

While many organizations are shifting their data storage to the cloud, many others still have on-prem storage solutions based on FreeNAS. While this may seem to go against the modern trend, there are actually many benefits to an on-prem storage strategy. This includes the cost-effectiveness of the approach, the reliability, and the security or control over access. Companies that have large data files and need fast access will struggle with cloud solutions that load more slowly. In addition, the ability to control specifically which files a user can access helps to ensure that only the right people have access to digital assets.

Managing FreeNAS Access With the Cloud

SaaS directory service and managing FreeNAS from the cloud

One of the main perks to FreeNAS implementations is that it allows IT organizations to seamlessly integrate NAS and Samba solutions into the IT environment. This is done by connecting them to the core identity provider. Then, access to directories and files can be tightly controlled through integration with identity management platforms. Traditionally, these integrations have occurred on-prem, but as IT organizations shift their IT management infrastructure to the cloud, that connection becomes a little more difficult. This brings up the question: “Can FreeNAS access be controlled from the cloud through a virtual identity provider?”

The short answer is yes. With the solution Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS), it can. This cloud-based directory enables IT admins to simply point their FreeNAS implementation to the cloud LDAP service, and authentications can occur as if the identity provider were on-prem. There is no difference to the end user.

As the world moves to the cloud, the identity and access management platform will shift as well. That is why our cloud directory service is designed to be able to connect users to on-prem and cloud resources. There should be no limitation on where the resources live, what platform they are, who the provider is, or what protocol is used to authenticate. The directory that is needed for the future is one that embraces all of the different flavors of IT.

Learn More About FreeNAS and Directory-as-a-Service

Learn more about managing FreeNAS with JumpCloud

If you utilize Directory-as-a-Service for your organization, leveraging file servers like FreeNAS and authenticating access to them is a breeze. You can learn more about this interaction by contacting the JumpCloud team. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have about managing FreeNAS access from the cloud, or any other aspect of our platform. If you are interested in seeing a demo of the DaaS platform, that can be set up as well. Finally, if you are more of a hands on person and would like to see the cloud-based directory for yourself, you can sign up for a free account. We offer 10 users free forever, with no credit card required, so you have a risk free method to explore the product. Sign up today and see why DaaS is the directory of the future.

Jon Griffin

Jon Griffin works as a writer for JumpCloud, an organization focused on bringing centralized IT to the modern organization. He graduated with a degree in Professional and Technical Writing from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and is an avid learner of new technology from cloud-based innovations to VR and more.

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