Accessing and Securing Tencent Cloud Resources

Written by Chase Doelling on April 20, 2022

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As more organizations move toward a multi-cloud strategy, securing those resources is a top priority for IT admins and security teams. But adding layers of security without interfering with the end user experience is a constant balance in today’s shifting landscape. 

Traditionally, managing all of these access points across different platforms led to a spider’s web of mismatched roles and unnecessary privileges in a constant state of flux. To help streamline the identity and access management (IAM) processes for organizations using both JumpCloud and Tencent Cloud, JumpCloud is now officially available in the Tencent Cloud marketplace as a single sign-on (SSO) partner.

JumpCloud is the first cloud directory and identity provider to be listed in the newly launched international Tencent Cloud marketplace. Customers can now adopt, access, and secure their Tencent Cloud resources along with any number of applications, all from one centralized directory. 

Benefits of the JumpCloud-Tencent Cloud SSO Integration

This integration offers several benefits for those organizations using both JumpCloud and Tencent Cloud.

  • Improved security and identity control across platforms
  • Increased visibility of Tencent Cloud account access levels for all JumpCloud users
  • Ability to establish a single, familiar sign-in process for users
  • Streamlined access management processes for administrators
  • Simplified process to grant or revoke Tencent Cloud access within JumpCloud
  • Ability to add conditional access policies to enforce push MFA when accessing critical resources

How Does the JumpCloud-Tencent Cloud Integration Work?

JumpCloud’s security assertion markup language (SAML) protocol authenticates JumpCloud users and provides seamless access to their Tencent Cloud accounts. The integration allows users to use their JumpCloud credentials to efficiently and securely sign in to Tencent Cloud’s computer and containers, microservices and serverless, storage and security, and video and game services. 

How to Integrate JumpCloud with Tencent Cloud 

  1. To begin, create a new JumpCloud organization directly from the Tencent Cloud marketplace.
  2. After you add or import users through JumpCloud’s directory integrations, you can create your SSO login to the Tencent Cloud application, leveraging the SAML protocol. 
  3. Next, add conditional access points that will challenge users with push multi-factor authentication (MFA) JumpCloud Protect™, included for free in every JumpCloud account.
  4. The final product gives the right users access to the right resources, with a seamless but highly secure MFA experience. 

To learn more about the JumpCloud-Tencent Cloud integration and to get detailed instructions on setting up and securing your own Tencent Cloud resources, check out our documentation. Or, if you aren’t currently using JumpCloud with Tencent Cloud, get a free account set up today. JumpCloud is free for up to 10 users and 10 devices.

Chase Doelling

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