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New Enhancements To JumpCloud’s Remote Connection and Troubleshooting Toolkit

Written by Dixitha Srinivasan on November 8, 2023

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Whether employees are working remotely or working from the office, troubleshooting and maintenance of IT has always been a herculean task for IT admins. With users pinging hundreds and thousands of issues every hour, pounding over and resolving them immediately is crucial to ensure seamless operational continuity. 

These issue fixes generally involve IT administrators either going to the employees desk or initiating remote sessions to resolve the issue. Either way, in such scenarios, a user’s intervention is inevitable, which will impact their productivity. In addition to this, IT admins might rely on multiple tools and add-ons to leverage different capabilities to fix the issues remotely. 

To end these endless remote troubleshooting challenges, JumpCloud has expanded upon its Remote Assist tool to deliver Remote Access, which includes capabilities from Remote Assist and Background Tools to remotely take over and fix issues in the devices without interrupting users. 

What is Remote Access? 

JumpCloud Remote Assist helps IT admins establish live and silent sessions with remote users or devices with their issues. Going a step further, JumpCloud developed Background Tools to enable IT admins to seamlessly fix the discovered errors without relying on numerous tools. Both Remote Assist and Background tools come under the JumpCloud Remote Access solution to simplify remote device management. 

What is Background Tools?

Background Tools allows IT admins to effectively support end-users behind the scenes when it comes to maintenance, troubleshooting, and file transfers. For instance, you can easily leverage Background Tools to remotely troubleshoot system or software problems, recover lost data, fix printer issues, and much more.

Key Capabilities of Background Tools

Remote Command Line: Run interactive commands on remote computers and troubleshoot devices without interrupting users. You can easily gain access to the user powershell console, run powershell commands, and resolve issues in the background. 

Remote File Transfer: Remotely access the files and folders in your user’s device and silently transfer files between your device and the remote computer. Securely add or delete files of any format without relying on FTP, USB, or other cloud-based third-party file sharing solutions. 

Key Benefits of Background Tools

Increased resolution time: Resolve issues faster by instantly establishing remote sessions and leverage the necessary tools to fix the identified issues. Manage troubleshooting and maintenance related tickets more efficiently in a minimum time frame.

Reduce impact on user’s productivity: Perform tasks in the background without interfering with users day-to-day operations and ensure seamless productivity.

Minimize costs spending on multiple tools: Eliminate the need to spend on different tools for establishing remote sessions, executing remote commands and transferring files, etc.

Improve user’s security and privacy: Mitigate any privacy and security concerns during screen sharing, take access from background to resolve user concerns. Prevent data leakage and use of unsanctioned cloud apps, and mitigate security/compliance risks and risk of artifacts that are “left-behind” after use.

Try Jumpcloud Remote Access: A Powerful Package of Remote Assist and Background Tools

Remote Access is available as part of JumpCloud Platform, JumpCloud Platform Plus, and Device Management Packages at no additional cost. Customers interested in Ala Carte, please refer to our Remote Access add-on pricing.

If you are not a current JumpCloud customer or MSP partner, you can sign up for a free trial today to experience the benefits of JumpCloud’s Remote Access for your organization.

Dixitha Srinivasan

Dixitha is a Product Marketing Manager at JumpCloud with extensive experience in the IT and Security domain. Outside work, she enjoys cooking, writing, and exploring new places.

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