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A JumpCloud Partner Success Interview with Macktez

Written by Chris Tate on February 8, 2024

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JumpCloud’s MSP partners are at the forefront of providing essential IT services to small and medium-sized businesses globally. In our interview series, we delve into conversations with these partners, exploring the dynamics of their MSPs and how JumpCloud plays a pivotal role in their operations.

In today’s feature, we had the opportunity to speak with Michael Horst of Macktez. Join us as we uncover insights into their MSP journey and the impact of JumpCloud’s solutions.

About Michael

Michael has a background in molecular biochemistry and biophysics as well as more than 25 years of experience in cross platform, small, medium, and enterprise technology, and business strategy. The result is a suite of impressively clearheaded troubleshooting techniques on projects ranging from financial planning to sea kayaking.

Key Takeaways

Virtual CTO is at the core of their offering

Macktez works with clients at a strategic level and are happy to collaborate with in-house IT departments, or become the IT department. It’s all about having the strategic relationship to ensure success.

It started with a Google search

Way back in 2015 Macktez were looking for a way to integrate LDAP and RADIUS. This was how it began, but since then the relationship has changed and JumpCloud has evolved

A 2nd Generation MSP Toolset

Macktez were looking for what they call a “2nd generation MSP toolset” – They identified that identities are more important than devices, and JumpCloud gives them a great way to manage identities while still managing clients’ devices. It also allowed Macktez to remove some secondary MSP tools they were using to manage clients. 

Workforces are becoming more distributed

This was a trend pre-Covid and continues today.  MSPs need the ability to manage the  onboarding and offboarding of users and all their security needs. The move to a distributed workforce made this harder, but JumpCloud was a huge tool for Macktez to allow them to manage distributed workforces for their clients. 

Be flexible and willing to adapt

When asked about a tip for new or existing MSPs, Michael said be flexible and willing to adapt. Don’t become too tied to a mindset, it can breed complacency and this will negatively impact your MSP business.  Always be willing to change.

Thanks to Michael for taking the time to chat. If you would like to contact him to discuss further he is available on LinkedIn and the Macktez website.

To find out more about JumpCloud and how it can help your MSP you can email us or read more here.


JumpCloud Partner Success Stories are conversations between Chris Tate (Principal Strategist – MSP) and our valuable partners around the world.  If you want to join Chris on a future episode, contact your Partner Account Manager or email [email protected] for more information.

Chris Tate

Chris is always thinking, talking and writing about MSPs. His role at JumpCloud is to get the MSP into every meeting we have and every decision we make. Outside of JumpCloud Chris can often be found watching football (soccer) and drinking beer.

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