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Written by Chris Tate on April 11, 2024

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JumpCloud’s MSP partners are at the forefront of providing essential IT services to small and medium-sized businesses globally. In our interview series, we delve into conversations with these partners, exploring the dynamics of their MSPs and how JumpCloud plays a pivotal role in their operations.

In today’s feature, we had the opportunity to speak with Chris Notley of FIFUM.

About Chris Notley

During his 20 years in IT, Chris has been part of teams at renowned organizations like the BBC, Honda, Dyson, Rugby Football Union, and McLaren Racing. These experiences ingrained in him the essence of how IT can be the driving force behind a business’s success.

But a recurring observation was that many IT teams seemed trapped in their own bubble, often overlooking the genuine needs of the businesses they were supposed to serve.

That realization led to the birth of FIFUM in 2017. The vision was clear: to offer businesses IT solutions tailored specifically to address their unique challenges and aspirations. At FIFUM, we don’t deal in generic, off-the-shelf advice. Our focus remains steadfast on understanding the intricacies of your business, ensuring our IT recommendations are tailored just for you.

Here are my key takeaways:

1.  Streamlined Onboarding Wins Clients

Chris emphasizes how JumpCloud’s smooth onboarding process simplifies remote client integration, creating a positive first impression. This efficiency is a key selling point for FIFUM’s MSP services. 

2. Platform versatility is important

FIFUM utilizes JumpCloud to manage a diverse device landscape, including Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Chris highlights JumpCloud’s exceptional Linux device management and user-friendly MDM integration for Mac users. 

3.  Word of Mouth is Gold

A significant portion of FIFUM’s business comes from client referrals. Chris attributes this success, in part, to the positive client experiences facilitated by JumpCloud’s onboarding process, leading to satisfied customers who spread the word.

4.  Partnerships are Key

Building strong relationships with technology providers like JumpCloud is crucial for FIFUM’s success. Chris emphasizes transparency with clients about JumpCloud being a separate product, fostering trust and a collaborative approach.

5.Flexible Pricing is Essential

FIFUM offers JumpCloud as part of bundled packages or as a separate line item. This flexibility allows FIFUM to cater to businesses of various sizes and budgets, maximizing their reach.

Thanks to Chris for taking part in this chat.

To find out more about JumpCloud and how it can help your MSP you can email us or read more about our MSP offering.


JumpCloud Partner Success Stories are conversations between Chris Tate (Principal Strategist – MSP) and our valuable partners around the world.  If you want to join Chris on a future episode, contact your Partner Account Manager or email Chris Tate for more information.

Chris Tate

Chris is always thinking, talking and writing about MSPs. His role at JumpCloud is to get the MSP into every meeting we have and every decision we make. Outside of JumpCloud Chris can often be found watching football (soccer) and drinking beer.

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