JumpCloud is our de-facto choice for Endpoint Management

A JumpCloud Partner Success Interview with Black Mountain Dynamics

Written by Chris Tate on February 1, 2024

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JumpCloud’s MSP partners are at the forefront of providing essential IT services to small and medium-sized businesses globally. In our interview series, we delve into conversations with these partners, exploring the dynamics of their MSPs and how JumpCloud plays a pivotal role in their operations.

In today’s feature, we had the opportunity to speak with Rama Polefka of Black Mountain Dynamics. Join us as we uncover insights into their MSP journey and the impact of JumpCloud’s solutions.

About Rama

Extensive IT systems and consulting experience. Ability to create, foster and advance teams. Entrepreneurial spirit. Thrives in diverse and challenging environments. Proven business leader.

Enjoys challenging environments and engagements that require mastery of technical skills, collaboration with peers, and exceeding expectations.

Specialties: Excellent writing and interpersonal skills.

Deep technical skillset including IP networking (Layer 2/3), hardware and software security, LAN/WAN integration, messaging.

Key Takeaways

Every Time They Looked at JumpCloud There Was A New Feature

In the very early days Black Mountain looked at JumpCloud but it didn’t offer all the value they needed in their MSP, but every time they looked at it something was being added until it became too compelling an offer to miss out on with the introduction of JumpCloud for MSPs and it’s now their de-facto choice for endpoint management. 

They Work with Everything

Mac, Windows, Linux, Office 365, Google Workspace – JumpCloud works with all of it and is great helps Black Mountain deliver ROI for their clients

Endpoint Management is a Core Component

MSPs need to be great at endpoint management, having a great tool for this foundation for an MSP.  JumpCloud can help optimize your ability to do extra things for the clients, such as SSO, security policies etc and free up time to help get more done. 

Strategic Small Businesses

Black Mountain works with many Silicon Valley startups and clients around the country but all of their clients are security centric and growth centric, something they refer to as Strategic Small Businesses. 

The Awareness and Importance of Security is More Apparent to SMEs

The “sell” is becoming  easier as the clients are more aware.  Each story of a cybersecurity breach reported in the media is a great source of marketing for Black Mountain.

Thanks to Rama for taking the time to chat. If you would like to contact him to discuss further he is available on LinkedIn and the Black Mountain Dynamics website.

To find out more about JumpCloud and how it can help your MSP you can email us or read more here.


JumpCloud Partner Success Stories are conversations between Chris Tate (Principal Strategist – MSP) and our valuable partners around the world.  If you want to join Chris on a future episode, contact your Partner Account Manager or email [email protected] for more information.

Chris Tate

Chris is always thinking, talking and writing about MSPs. His role at JumpCloud is to get the MSP into every meeting we have and every decision we make. Outside of JumpCloud Chris can often be found watching football (soccer) and drinking beer.

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