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Written by Ella Rigoulot on February 20, 2024

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JumpCloud certifications are now available on Credly’s digital credentialing platform

Note: Credly is an end-to-end solution for creating, issuing, and managing digital credentials used by thousands of organizations to showcase knowledge and achievements.

IT professionals and JumpCloud partners can now share and monitor their JumpCloud achievements through Credly, along with any other credentials they may have. Hosting the JumpCloud certification credentials on Credly is the most recent milestone in our journey to give JumpCloud customers and partners educational opportunities that are leveled-up, shareable, and centralized.

Benefits of JumpCloud’s Certifications Being Hosted On Credly

There are a handful of benefits that come along with JumpCloud’s certifications being hosted on Credly.

It creates a more robust digital resume that showcases your commitment to learning and professional development.

Your digital resume, wherever it may live, likely showcases more of your work history than anything, but credentials and achievements can be just as important. Letting them fall to the wayside when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into receiving them seems counterproductive. Being able to link out to Credly on your resume, to showcase all of your credentials, including your JumpCloud certification(s) is a game-changer when it comes to highlighting your commitment to professional development.

Skill and achievement sharing is easier than ever.

Rather than adding credentials one at a time to your digital resume(s), Credly creates a centralized home for all of them, making it easy to share them however and wherever you choose. JumpCloud offers multiple certification options that are great to share with friends, colleagues, and potential employers via any avenue you choose, and Credly makes that easy.

Centralized skill management simplifies tracking badges, expiration dates, and outdated credentials.
While sharing your credentials is important, so is keeping track of what you’ve earned and what you still need to work on. Plus, some badges expire and you need to renew them, and some simply become outdated over time, even if they don’t outright expire. Being able to centrally view and manage your professional development makes handling each of these tasks easy.

It allows you to identify new opportunities to advance professionally that you may not have known about otherwise.

With your JumpCloud certification(s) housed on Credly along with your other achievements, it’s easy to search for more! Simply type in a skill that you want to hone in, find a badge that suits you, and see how to earn it, all in one place.

Next Steps

If you became JumpCloud-certified in 2023, and you’d like to add that certification to Credly, please fill out this quick form to let us know. Otherwise, join your colleagues and start showing off your knowledge and skill set by becoming JumpCloud-certified!

Ella Rigoulot

At JumpCloud, Ella is the Director of Education and Enablement, leading a team of designers and facilitators that create engaging courses, content and certifications to meet all our Channel and Direct customers learning needs. Outside of JumpCloud, Ella enjoys being an activity coordinator for her two children, and is an avid Peloton rider and runner.

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