JumpCloud to Modernize Legacy IT Systems for Pos Malaysia

National courier service selects JumpCloud and Primary Guard for its digital transformation

Written by David Worthington on May 23, 2024

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Why would Pos Malaysia, a national courier service that has been in operation for over 200 years, select JumpCloud to uproot its legacy domain-based systems? JumpCloud’s open directory platform meets the requirements for a future architecture that will drive its next phase of sustainable growth. JumpCloud, working in collaboration with Malaysia-based IT solutions provider Primary Guard, will embark on a digital transformation initiative strategy.

Pos Malaysia is the national courier service provider and sole licensee for universal postal services in the country and delivers parcels to more than 10 million addresses. In order to scale and stay competitive, Pos Malaysia has entered into a long-term partnership with JumpCloud and Primary Guard to empower Pos Malaysia’s employees, working from 3,800 touchpoints, in use of their business applications. The digital transformation will enhance productivity, streamline processes, and improve infrastructure visibility for their IT teams. 

How Pos Malaysia Approaches Digital Transformation

Pos Malaysia’s digital transformation strategy has four main elements: IT consolidation, compliance, security, and operational efficiency. The objective of this undertaking is to improve process efficiencies for its diversified operations and expansion into financial services and supply chain management. JumpCloud makes it possible to fully manage and control user accounts, devices, and access privileges, and enforce best practice security policies that are in alignment with compliance and regulations.

Greg Keller, CTO and co-founder at JumpCloud, remarked, “In the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, collaboration becomes the cornerstone of progress. Our partnership with Pos Malaysia and Primary Guard exemplifies this synergy, marking a pivotal stride toward efficiency, security, and innovation. By embracing JumpCloud’s centralized identity and device management solutions, Pos Malaysia not only fortifies its operational backbone but also cultivates a culture of seamless productivity and fortified cybersecurity.”

Sumesh Rahavendra, Pos Malaysia’s chief digital and transformation officer, noted that JumpCloud will revamp the core of its enterprise IT architecture by serving as a multi-platform mobile device management (MDM) solution for consistent and efficient policy enforcement across 15,000 employees. The solution also needs to integrate flexibly with existing systems and scale accordingly. JumpCloud integrates with legacy directories, federates with identity providers (IdP), and offers centralized identity, access, and device management solutions that enable Pos Malaysia to implement a seamless user lifecycle management.

A Focus on Identity Lifecycle Management

An identity lifecycle refers to the process that starts when a user’s digital identity is created and assigned access to resources, and continues with authentication of that identity, updates to credentials and attributes, and ends when that identity is retired or deleted entirely. With JumpCloud, Pos Malaysia can enable group-based access controls and conditional access policies for employees to ensure only the right users can access resources. 

This is especially important in safeguarding the organization from data threats and breaches, further creating a secure infrastructure that can boost the digital trust of customers. Additionally, JumpCloud’s single sign-on (SSO) and in-built multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies enable seamless and secure access to work resources with a single set of credentials. 

“As JumpCloud’s Malaysia partner, we are excited to support Pos Malaysia in their digital transformation journey, using JumpCloud’s unique IT resources to improve collaboration and enhance security. By automating tedious administrative tasks, this frees the in-house ICT team to focus on improving operational security and efficiencies,” said Johary Mustapha, managing director of Primary Guard, which will provide on-site support for the project.

The JumpCloud platform will give Pos Malaysia’s IT teams full visibility and control over device inventory, status, application deployment, and security updates. It facilitates IT teams to remotely troubleshoot issues and offer support services, while automating provisioning and policy enforcement. This approach to remote management can improve the support experience, reduce response time, and streamline IT resources for the national courier service.

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