Elevate Security and the Employee Experience with JumpCloud Go™

Written by Oliver Wai on September 6, 2023

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Today we announced the general availability (GA) of JumpCloud Go™ to all JumpCloud customers and managed service providers (MSPs) who have implemented our Device Management and Single-Sign On (SSO) capabilities. JumpCloud Go is the only solution in the market today that delivers an integrated, cross-platform, passwordless user login experience to the resources they need from a trusted device.

JumpCloud Go

Why JumpCloud Go

Organizations often struggle to find the right balance between robust security and the employee experience. Supporting hybrid/remote work using existing solutions in the market is expensive and complex, requiring substantial resources to procure, implement, and integrate numerous point solutions. Organizations are forced to piecemeal together a fragmented device and application authentication solution that ultimately increases day-to-day administrative overhead, operational support costs, and frustrated users that are unable to access the resources to do their jobs.

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the MSPs that serve them, this is an even greater challenge due to the limited resources available to them. They are often forced into a difficult trade off between prioritizing smooth user access or enhanced security due to the lack of a unified solution that can help them do both. On the one hand, focusing solely on user access can increase phishing risk and limit the ability to implement, manage, and maintain Zero Trust access throughout the organization. On the other hand, prioritizing only security increases user friction and the large number of user support tickets associated with access challenges. This leads to unsafe user authentication habits that can jeopardize organizational security and open the door to credential based attacks.

For too long, IT Admins and MSPs are faced with the false dichotomy of having to choose between security vs IT that stems not from choice but rather lack of serviceable options that combine both the user and device management capabilities and one that can both address IT and security needs. 

This is why JumpCloud is introducing JumpCloud Go today to enable faster, safer, and frictionless authentication. It is an exciting new capability built on top of JumpCloud’s open directory platform that connects users from their trusted device to any company managed resource using hardware backed device platform authentication with biometric support.

Key Benefits of JumpCloud Go

Increase User Productivity AND Security

JumpCloud Go enables passwordless login to JumpCloud-protected web resources from JumpCloud managed and trusted devices. Users can leverage their device biometric authenticators, such as Apple Touch ID or Windows Hello, combined with JumpCloud Go to satisfy traditional password sign-in or MFA challenges. 

Users can securely and seamlessly access all their JumpCloud managed resources they need to do their jobs without the cumbersome and repetitive log-in workflows associated with strong security and zero trust access.

Improve Resilience to Phishing and Other Credential Based Attacks

JumpCloud Go leverages JumpCloud’s open directory platform to automate the enforcement of authentication workflows that reduce the risk of admin misconfiguration or user errors. It uses phishing-resistant technology to reduce an organization’s exposure to phishing, credential theft, or 2FA bypass cyber attacks. 

MFA configurations screen

JumpCloud Go also significantly reduces the amount of login prompts users face daily, saving them valuable time and alleviating login fatigue that can lead to accidental credential leakage.

Deliver a Unified Experience Across Platforms and Devices

Consistent experience across platforms and devices enables a user to leverage a familiar, passwordless login experience across Windows, macOS, and (soon!) the mobile devices they use for work. From the administrator’s perspective, JumpCloud Go delivers a unified administrative experience, enabling admins to automatically enforce strong authentication workflows across their users and entire fleet of devices and securely manage and monitor access to the organization’s resources, all from a single-pane of glass.

Key Capabilities

Passwordless Login Users enjoy passwordless authentication to all of their online resources once they are authenticated via JumpCloud Go.
High MFA Authenticator Assurance Users use hardware-protected device-bound authenticators on MacOS and Windows combined with JumpCloud Go that represents a minimum of two factors and a maximum of three (knowledge, possession, biometric/inherence) factors for authentication
Phishing-Resistant AuthenticationUsers are issued access only after requests are cryptographically verified with the JumpCloud’s login service, reducing potential attack surface for phishing.
Seamless and Safer Employee Experience The JumpCloud Go user login experience is simpler and more secure for end users and seamlessly promotes safer login habits.
3rd Party MDM & EMM CompatibleJumpCloud Go can be used with any device management solution. Pair it with JumpCloud MDM or integrate it with any enterprise mobility management (EMM)/mobile device management (MDM) solution. 

Get Started with JumpCloud Go Today

For JumpCloud customers, you will be happy to know that JumpCloud Go is included in the JumpCloud Platform and Platform Plus packages and for a la carte customers, it is available to customers that have purchased our Device Management capabilities at no additional cost. 

For JumpCloud MSP partners, JumpCloud Go is included as part of the standard JumpCloud for MSP packages.

If you are not a current JumpCloud customer or MSP partner, you can sign up for a free trial today to experience the benefits of JumpCloud Go for your organization.

Oliver Wai

Oliver is responsible for JumpCloud's Go-To-Market efforts as the Head of Product Marketing. Outside of JumpCloud you can find him admiring architectural structures around the world, relearning the piano or lap swimming.

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