JumpCloud Supports Fully Managed and Dedicated Devices for Android EMM 

Zero-touch Enrollment makes it fast, easy, and secure for your large scale roll-outs.

Written by Joranna Ng on November 7, 2023

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Android continues to dominate the global market share, with 70% of all smartphones in the world running on Android. And in the world of business, the diversity of device types, and diversity of what those devices can do for a business, means Android’s dominance creates a unique challenge for IT organization. 

For IT admins who want to securely manage their entire fleet of Android corporate-owned devices (COD), they need to account for their employees’ Android devices while also supporting company-owned devices for knowledge-based workers and corporate-owned, single-purpose devices that fulfill specific use cases like inventory management or as terminals for frontline employees to do their daily jobs. 

With the new enhancements to JumpCloud’s Android EMM solution, JumpCloud now supports a wider variety of Android devices, including: 

  • Company-owned devices (COD), which might entail:
    • Mixed Use: The same device can be used securely for work purposes and for personal use. Your organization has full control of the apps, data, and settings in a work profile, which is stored in a separate, encrypted space on the device from personal apps and data. 
    • Fully Managed: The device is used exclusively for work. Your organization has full control of the apps, data, and settings on the entire device. 
    • Dedicated: This device is a subset of fully managed devices and is used only for simple, often single-use workflows. You can lock down the usage of the device to a single app or small set of apps, such as ticket printing or inventory management. 
  • Personal devices (BYOD) are owned by the employee, but are allowed to access corporate resources, apps, and/or data. 

For BYOD, IT admins can enable user enrollment of a device owned by an employee to create a workflow to grant (and control) access to IT resources without compromising the privacy of the employee. The user can enroll their device via the JumpCloud User Portal which allows the organization to retain full management control of the apps, data, and settings in the device’s work profile without requiring any visibility or access to the device’s personal data and apps. 

Android EMM

Introducing JumpCloud Android EMM – Fully Managed & Dedicated Devices

JumpCloud Android EMM enables IT admins and MSPs to securely select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services throughout their environment. It provides support for our customers and MSPs who are using or want to use Android EMM via the Work Profile, Fully Managed Device, and Dedicated Device

Key Capabilities 

  • Device Provisioning: Easily configure and provision fully managed and/or dedicated devices, with the option to employ zero-touch enrollment.
  • Device Security: Ability to verify apps enforcement and hardware security. In addition, security policies for dedicated devices can be enforced.
  • Device Management: IT admins can set/apply specific policies like restrictions on device and account, lock screen, network (Bluetooth, Cellular, WiFi), etc., Common Criteria mode, and Factory Reset Permissions.
  • Device Usability: Streamlined System update, Battery and Kiosk mode as needed. 

Key Benefits 

With our latest Android EMM offering, customers can now support BYOD, COD, and a variety of use cases for single-use Android devices. It helps IT admins and MSPs to  continue to strengthen and improve their support when it comes to Android device distribution, management, and control.

  • Complete management of company owned devices.
  • Streamlined procurement and provisioning directly out of box
  • Enforcement of security posture at the hardware, software, and application layers.
  • Robust management capabilities for all major use cases.
  • Allows IT admins to maintain their managed device fleet on update OS version.
  • Allows IT admins to silently allow an arbitrary set of apps to install and lock to a device, without end user interaction.

Try JumpCloud Android EMM for Free!

Sign up for a free trial today to start managing your mobile (Android and iOS/iPadOS) devices efficiently from one console. Android EMM is already included in the JumpCloud Platform, Platform Plus or Device Management pricing package so there is no additional cost to customers. 

Because the JumpCloud Directory Platform works well with other IT solutions in the market, organizations and MSPs have the flexibility to choose their existing device management and identity access management (IAM) solutions while utilizing the JumpCloud mobility solution.

Joranna Ng

Joranna Ng is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at JumpCloud. She is passionate about technology and loves the device management, identity, and security space.

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