JumpCloud’s Apple VPP Integration Centralizes App Distribution for iPhones and iPads  

Written by Joranna Ng on August 2, 2022

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Updated April 8, 2024

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a service that allows organizations or educational institutions to purchase corporate apps in bulk, and then quickly and easily deploy, distribute, and manage them on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. Organizations can also use a mobile device management (MDM) system to assign apps to specific devices. 

JumpCloud for Apple VPP

One of Jumpcloud’s latest releases includes an integration with Apple VPP so that our customers can benefit from a centralized application management platform for their mobile devices. In other words, our customers can now leverage Apple VPP to distribute and manage applications on corporate-owned Apple devices (COD) and on employee-owned Apple devices (BYOD).

JumpCloud software management screenshot

Key Capabilities of JumpCloud for Apple VPP:

  • Remote-Friendly: Admins can remotely manage apps for iPhone and iPad devices. This gives the device user access to specific software without IT needing to first have it on-site.
  • Streamline Software Distribution: Given the combination of identity and device management in JumpCloud’s platform, delivering software to a user’s device is simple and easy. Apps can be associated with existing device groups in the JumpCloud Admin Console, which triggers the app installation on a specific device or group of devices.
  • Vendor Consolidation: Additional device management capabilities allow IT admins to consolidate the vendors they use for user, device, and software management by providing one platform that does it all.
  • Customize Application Settings and Deployment: Corporate apps can often take advantage of pre-configured settings files to enable certain settings, streamline login to corporate resources, or even just set preferences automatically. Using JumpCloud, you can apply these AppConfigs every time an app is deployed.

Key Benefits of JumpCloud for Apple VPP:

  • Centralized App Management: Businesses can purchase and manage their apps in bulk from one central repository hosted by Apple. No need to manage multiple app portals. 
  • End-to-End Workflow Management: Using JumpCloud MDM, IT admins can control the entire distribution process from start to finish. They can easily retain full ownership of the apps at every step.  
  • Timely Revocation and Reassignment of Apps as Needed: When apps are no longer needed on a device, for instance when an employee leaves or joins a different department, they can be revoked and reassigned to different devices within the organization.

The only prerequisites that our customers need to note include:

  • The device must be enrolled with JumpCloud as the MDM server.
    • Corporate-owned devices can be enrolled with Device Enrollment or Automated Device Enrollment.
    • Employee-owned devices can be enrolled with User Enrollment.
  • Customers need an Apple Business Manager account to purchase VPP applications.

Learn More About Device Management with JumpCloud

In addition to managing and securing iOS and iPadOS devices, JumpCloud’s MDM solution combines with its IAM and directory capabilities for a robust, centralized platform that supports work-from-anywhere models. Better yet, it comes free with JumpCloud’s Platform, PlatformPlus, and MDM à la carte plans. 


Use JumpCloud MDM to secure every device that accesses your resources.

Joranna Ng

Joranna Ng is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at JumpCloud. She is passionate about technology and loves the device management, identity, and security space.

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