JumpCloud Acquires Resmo for Integrated Asset Management

Discover and Manage IT, Cloud, and SaaS Assets from a Single Platform

Written by David Worthington on March 19, 2024

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JumpCloud has acquired Resmo, an asset management and SaaS security solution, to provide customers a unified solution of SaaS, IT security, and asset management that empowers them to eliminate shadow IT and gain full visibility into all apps and cloud infrastructure in an all-in-one solution. The inclusion of Resmo’s technologies will enhance JumpCloud’s ability to help customers deliver secure and streamlined user provisioning, access request management, and utilization monitoring.

We can’t wait to welcome Resmo employees and the innovative technology they have worked so hard to develop. The company’s founders have demonstrated a proven track record of success, both in satisfying customer needs and driving the company forward with cloud-based security solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern IT. This move accelerates our ability to enable our customers to discover unmanaged SaaS applications and IT resources, enforce secure access, and improve overall visibility across an enterprise. 

Greg Keller, co-founder and chief technology officer, JumpCloud

Solving a Persistent, Nagging Challenge

Unknown, unauthorized services are regularly initiated by employees to solve their problems… but they can’t always be secured and protected by IT, especially when IT is not informed. Nearly half of a typical organization’s applications result from this practice. It’s an obstacle that gets in the way of achieving priorities like consolidating IT management, automating for operational efficiency, and maintaining strong security postures. 

JumpCloud identified a strong need for asset discovery, security, and management through its engagement with thousands of users worldwide. Our customers tell us that 75% of IT admins prefer a single tool to do these critical tasks. Admins most commonly need five to 10 applications to manage the identity lifecycle, which includes managing access to every device and resource. 

Consolidating IT management is one of the greatest IT challenges in 2024. JumpCloud’s open directory platform will deliver consolidated security, asset, device, access, and identity management to address those needs.

Addressing Security Through Asset Management

IT security remains top of mind among IT leaders, and asset management will complement JumpCloud’s existing Zero Trust security features. The Open Group, which maintains the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), lists asset centricity as one of the activities that’s necessary to achieve security that enforces the principle of trust nothing, verify everything. Shadow IT leads to the unaccountable creation of accounts, configurations, and a host of other issues. You can’t secure what you don’t know about, even when other Zero Trust controls exist.

Asset management will increase administrative efficiency and deepen the maturity of Zero Trust security strategies and identity governance. Increased visibility will help admins make intelligent use of IT resources, helping IT admins to consolidate more IT systems with JumpCloud.

All-in-One SaaS, IT Security, and Asset Management

With the acquisition of Resmo, JumpCloud customers will gain a unified console to discover unmanaged SaaS applications and IT resources, enforce secure access, and improve overall visibility. This acquisition keeps JumpCloud in alignment with customers’ top IT priorities as their needs evolve. 

We know this is a top priority for JumpCloud customers and for the industry at large. Together, JumpCloud and Resmo offer unparalleled freedom for organizations to utilize cutting-edge technology for secure, frictionless access that works seamlessly with the IT and security tools of their choice.

Mustafa Akın, co-founder and chief technology officer, Resmo

While development unfolds, learn more about how JumpCloud simplifies Zero Trust security through its existing suite of identity, access, and device management capabilities. JumpCloud regularly provides updates on its product roadmaps, including announcements about early access (EA) to potential features, through its webinars and IT Hour programs.


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