July Newsletter: Get More Out of JumpCloud

Written by Zach DeMeyer on July 25, 2018

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Introducinig JumpCloud’s Mac Menu Bar App

JumpCloud is excited to announce the new Mac Menu Bar App, released on July 24th. This feature will provide your employees with a secure and efficient path to update their JumpCloud credentials directly on their Mac systems. The JumpCloud Mac App is a powerful tool that will help make changing passwords less of a burden for an employee and reduce help desk tickets for you.

What it Does:

Increases Security & Convenience: Phishing emails are a prominent source of password compromises. With the JumpCloud Mac Menu Bar app, users can avoid being scammed by potentially phony password emails, and update their credentials directly on their machine. No longer do Mac users have to navigate a sea of third party sites to update their identities, as the Mac Menu Bar app updates their passwords for all of their resources.

Promotes Identity Awareness: User engagement in the identity process can often be seen as a hassle in any employee’s busy workday. JumpCloud’s Mac Menu App takes the burden of reminding users of password expiry off the plates of IT admins, and allows Mac users to renew their credentials with ease.

The JumpCloud Mac Menu Bar app is a useful resource for both IT admins and Mac end users alike. To learn more about the app, check out our knowledge base article on the topic.

Mac App

Introducing the JumpCloud Commands Gallery

JumpCloud’s Knowledge Base now includes a collection of JumpCloud Commands hosted on GitHub. This repository of code contains useful commands  curated for WindowsMac, and Linux machines. These commands can be accessed via the JumpCloud PowerShell module, although the module is not required to leverage them. To check out the Commands Gallery, see the corresponding support article.

Commands Gallery

July’s New Policies

We’ve rolled out another spread of policies to specifically enhance the security and configurability of Windows systems. Check out this month’s new policies:

  • Windows Policies
    • Allow Use of Camera
    • Allow Use of Biometrics
    • AutoPlay Management
    • Block Microsoft Accounts
    • Rename Windows Local Administrator

Be sure to visit our support page to learn more about how to get started with these and our other policies.

Getting Started with Policies

New Industry Analysis

This month’s featured content is Why IT Should Always Start with the Identity Provider. In it, we make a case for the primacy of identity in modern IT. The right approach to identity can provide major gains in security and efficiency. Check out the article to learn more.

IAM Analysis

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