Value of Identity Management During a Recession

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on April 9, 2020

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For many IT organizations, the right identity and access management platform can be invaluable during a recession.

Recessions are often a time of turmoil. Organizations are fighting for their “corporate lives,” and that often means a great deal of change. That change manifests itself in a variety of ways, including the most alarming: layoffs and personnel changes.

But, beyond that, there are far more changes under the surface that are critical and affect an organization’s path through a recession. The right IAM platform can help them navigate those changes smoothly.

Changing Technology Platforms

A recession might bring about changes in the ways organizations use or prioritize their technology platforms. What solutions served them well during times of growth might not be the same solutions required during a recession. Often, IT executives and admins use a downturn to reevaluate their spending, including their technology budget.

An IAM platform that serves as a central point of management and provisions users to all their resources in a heterogeneous environment (including all major operating systems, applications, and networks) is the best way forward in lean times. It’s more cost effective than legacy IAM platforms that require physical infrastructure and costly add-ons to achieve the same capabilities — and it enables admins to respond to changes in their IT stacks. 

Even if organizations decide against wholesale technological changes, smart organizations will decrease their costs through other means. This could be by removing users that don’t need access to certain solutions, reducing their use of a particular tool, or switching plans to reduce costs. All these areas can streamline operations, and the right identity management tool can help execute those activities by giving admins more visibility into their environments. For example, an IAM platform can help them understand utilization of various technology components, including web applications.

It can also facilitate user and group management and personnel changes. 

Managing Personnel Changes

The right IAM platform can facilitate secure personnel movement, both internal and external, through user and group management. Further, in critical functionality such as suspending user account sessions on machines, IT admins can use the IAM platform to ensure they are protecting the organization at a time of increased vulnerability.

Although no one enjoys making changes or cutbacks — especially during a recession — it’s often necessary to support the organization’s goals and objectives. The right identity management platform can help IT admins execute this with precision.

Navigating a Recession

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