Identity and Access Management Migration

Written by Zach DeMeyer on September 14, 2018

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Just as the swallow flies south for winter, more and more facets of IT are migrating to the cloud. Despite the fact that this migration has been happening for a while (it’s been going on for over a decade), identity and access management (IAM) tools have yet to make the leap.

Why is this? Will there be an identity and access management migration in the future?

Is It in the Cards?

Many IT admins are certainly hoping so. At the moment, the most popular IAM tool in use is Microsoft® Active Directory. Entire identity management infrastructures have been built around Active Directory. With the entire IT world being Windows-centric and on-prem for a long time, it makes sense that IT admins standardized around AD. But, since the IT world has begun migrating, Active Directory and its users are now being left behind.

is it in the cards?

See, with the advent of the cloud, many vendors opted to capitalize on the accessibility and usability that cloud-based tools could offer. What started with resources like Salesforce became a mass exodus of applications from the on-prem scene up to the cloud. Solutions such as AWS® have even shifted infrastructure and data centers from on-prem implementations up to the cloud.

Fixing the Holes

So, to keep pace in the cloud era, sysadmins had to start tacking additional Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) tools on to their Active Directory or other on-prem directory service instances. These included solutions such as single sign-on (SSO), identity bridges, privileged identity management, MFA, governance solutions, and more. Over time, however, this patchwork quilt approach to IAM proved to be just about as cumbersome as just leveraging AD by itself.

Fixing the holes

IAM: Migrated

It is apparent that IT needs an identity and access management migration. Well, there is a new generation of IAM solutions that is securely connecting users to their IT resources from the cloud. This includes systems, apps, files, and networks, regardless of platform, protocol, provider, and location. This solution is called JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®.

IAM: Migrated

Directory-as-a-Service is reimagining the identity management landscape with a fully integrated solution. Now, the core directory service also acts as central user management, True Single Sign-On™, cloud LDAP & RADIUS, MFA, system management, and much more. All of this functionality is available from one service, and importantly, from the cloud.

Learn More About JumpCloud

To join the identity and access management migration, sign up for JumpCloud today. Creating an account is free, doesn’t require a credit card, and best of all, includes ten users for free forever. You can learn more about the product by contacting us, or by checking out our YouTube channel.

Zach DeMeyer

Zach is a Product Marketing Specialist at JumpCloud with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He loves being on the cutting edge of new technology, and when he's not working, he enjoys all things outdoors, music, and soccer.

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