Cost-Effective Identity and Access Management

Written by Katelyn McWilliams on November 29, 2018

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IT admins are yearning for a cheaper identity and access management platform. Of course, IT admins don’t equate cheap with poor quality or flimsy, but rather cost-effective. So, is there a cost-effective identity and access management (IAM) solution available?

The good news is that massive innovations in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) space have created a whole new category of identity management solutions. These cloud IAM platforms are pushing the boundaries of capability and doing it all at a reasonable cost. Before delving into the capabilities of these new, cost-effective IAM solutions, it’s best to have a baseline metric to compare them to.

Identity and Access Management Through the Years

IAM and its costs

Traditionally, the identity and access management platform of choice has been the on-prem directory solution, Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD). This identity provider platform made a great deal of sense when the network was Windows®-based and on-prem. In its time, AD was considered relatively cheap. After all, the directory service was practically “free;” it came included with the purchase of Windows Server from 2000 onwards.

As the IT landscape started to change and new types of IT resources emerged—especially those that weren’t Windows-based—Active Directory started to struggle. Most notably, with the overall drive to push IT to the cloud, the on-prem AD instance couldn’t quite make the jump. This created a whole new opportunity for IT vendors to create add-on solutions to AD. Directory extensions, web application single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and other tools emerged to help admins bridge the gap between their AD instance and the rest of what the IT world had to offer. While these solutions were helpful for IT admins, they had a few consequences: one, they increased the cost of identity and access management; two, they further cemented Active Directory on-prem at a time when the network was starting to shift to the cloud.

The Costs of IAM

Reduce the cost of identity and access management with JumpCloud

When thinking about the costs of IAM, it isn’t just the price of the software that adds to the cost. When you start to add in servers, hosting, security, load balancing, backup, and on-going maintenance, running an identity and access management program isn’t cheap.

This struggle is partially why a new generation of IAM solution—called Directory-as-a-Service®—has emerged as a modern replacement to Active Directory and these IAM add-ons. This cloud identity management platform is cost-effective as its “a la carte” pricing model allows IT organizations to only pay for what they use. Further, the Directory-as-a-Service IAM approach is more akin to a True Single Sign-On™ platform. This is because the cloud directory combines centralized user management, cloud LDAP, virtual RADIUS, system management, web application SSO, MFA, and much more all in one IAM platform.

JumpCloud directory-as-a-service

Explore your cost-effective identity and access management with JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service. By contacting us, you can learn more about what the IAM solution has to offer your organization. You can also learn more on our blog or YouTube channel. If Directory-as-a-Service seems right for you, you can try it today absolutely free. Your first ten users in the platform are free forever, with the option to pay as you add more users.

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