Why IAM is a Must-Have in a Recession

Written by Kayla Coco-Stotts on January 17, 2020

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With a bull market approaching what experts predict is its final stages, many organizations are beginning to plan for a recession. And for good reason, as the best way to prepare for a recession is by providing IT departments with the tools they need to adapt to organizational changes.

The IT team is often responsible for executing much of the plans around headcount and contractor adjustment. It’s why IAM (identity and access management) is a must-have in a recession, as it helps organizations prepare for the resounding theme of change that is an economic downturn.

Recessions Generate Change

It isn’t just headcount adjustments that happen during a recession; IT departments also make many changes in terms of their priorities and technology. Extraneous expenses are often consolidated, resulting in shifting workflows for admins. 

IT is often the executor of many changes during a recession. If a team has to be reallocated to a new project that requires a different location, technology toolset, or access rights, it’s IT that’s called upon to make this happen.

Recessions invariably lead to a reduction in vendors and technology applications, since belts tighten and changes are made. An identity management platform helps make that happen easily by reducing usage of services which in turn save money. By identifying tools, applications, and technology that aren’t currently in use or underutilized, IT departments can omit user access to only those that need those resources. 

IAM platforms even offer options for onboarding newer, more cost-effective solutions because they’re flexible in nature. These IAM platforms allow IT departments to be more adjustable, which saves organizations in both time and money. 

IAM Helps Guide Organizations Through Change

Personnel changes are never easy, but being able to execute on them crisply — whether they are changes in roles or terminations — is critical. Ghost accounts, lingering access, and even users lacking access are all major problems that can be a devastating cost factor for organizations looking to tighten nonessential spending.

IAM technology takes the lead in helping IT departments make forward progress quickly and efficiently during a recession. IAM can support an organization’s efforts to navigate the tricky waters that come with a downward shift in economic growth. Additionally, with a cloud IAM provider, IT departments can swiftly onboard and offboard users regardless of that user’s access to systems, applications, or networks. Overall, IAM gives admins the toolbelt they need to be adaptable, which is especially important for organizations dealing with the hard reality of a recession.  

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A must-have in a recession is an identity management tool that addresses the resources IT teams need to deal with any and all organizational shifts. If you’re interested in such a tool, check out JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®, or feel free to reach out for a personalized demo.

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