Comparing JumpCloud vs JAMF

Written by Zach DeMeyer on October 9, 2018

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Macs® are taking the enterprise by storm. Now more than ever, corporate entities are adopting macOS® as their system of choice, forgoing Windows® for Apple® devices. Due to this upheaval of industry norms, Mac management is becoming more critical than ever. As IT admins think about Mac management, two standout options in the market are JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® and JAMF. Savvy IT admins are comparing JumpCloud vs JAMF to see which is their preferred Mac management solution.

Of course, the decision often comes down to more than just Mac management capabilities. The JumpCloud vs JAMF choice is highly dependent on a company’s needs and the tools they leverage alongside their Mac fleets. The verdict is also influenced by an organization’s stance on user management, as well as if they are interested in being cloud-based or on-prem, among many others factors.

When you start to consider these requirements, it becomes easier to compare and contrast JAMF and JumpCloud. In fact, for the most part, these solutions are complementary, rather than competitive. Each solution has an area of focus and strength that makes them both appealing choices for IT admins looking to corner their Mac management needs.

Tale of the Tape: JumpCloud vs JAMF

directory-as-a-service vs JAMF mac management

For JAMF, Mac management is their bread-and-butter, the mainstay of their Apple endpoint management solution. As an on-prem software solution, JAMF is focused on delivering value to IT admins by providing an easy-to-use Apple system management solution.

JumpCloud, on the other hand, has focused on being a user management system for a wide range of IT solutions. Directory-as-a-Service is capable of True Single Sign-On™, using the LDAP, SAML, and RADIUS protocols to connect users to their systems (macOS, Windows, and Linux) web and on-prem applications, cloud and on-prem servers (AWS, GCP, Azure), physical and virtual file servers (Samba, NAS, etc.), and wired and WiFi networks. In addition to its user management capabilities, the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service solution provides cross-platform, GPO-like capabilities for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems alike.

And, the Winner is…

When the smoke of the JumpCloud vs JAMF comparison clears, it’s apparent that both solutions are well-fit for their particular portions of the Mac management market. Now, the decision rests on what your organization needs. If you are looking for best-in-class, on-prem Apple endpoint management, JAMF may be the solution for you. If you’re looking for a centralized directory service from the cloud, JumpCloud is the right choice.

To learn more about Mac management with JumpCloud, check out our blog or YouTube channel. Feel free to contact our expert support team with questions or comments. You can also see how Directory-as-a-Service can meet your organizational needs by signing up for the platform. The process is completely free and includes ten users free forever to get you started.

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