Cloud IAM for MSPs

Written by George Lattimore on February 28, 2019

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With technical talent at a premium and cloud resources in high demand, organizations at large are turning to MSPs for their IT support needs. Around 47% of CIOs in 2018 reported that at least 30% of their IT is being provided by external service providers. The business relationship with SMBs in particular only continues to grow stronger as MSPs enable immediate efficiency gains for scaling with cloud infrastructure. Without a cloud IAM solution in place, however, SMBs miss out on important competitive advantages, enabling clients with the best technology, cost savings, and leave themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks. Let’s take a closer look at the role cloud IAM for MSPs serves in delivering value to cloud-forward clients.

Bullish Market for Progressive MSPs

First of all, what are the major factors driving the managed services market today? According to this 2018 report, the main driving factors are, “Increasing dependence of organizations on IT assets to boost their business productivity and the need for specialized managed service providers who can offer cloud-based managed services.” Without a doubt, the managed services market is rapidly expanding from cloud enablement, and is expected to grow from $180.5 billion in 2018 to $282 billion by 2023.

Much like the impact of the cloud itself, overstating the importance of identity and access management (IAM) for MSPs in particular is difficult to do. Regardless of whether their client environments are 100% cloud-based, mostly on-prem, or some kind of a hybrid, IAM exists at the center of every organization’s infrastructure. In turn, innovative MSPs are positioning cloud IAM at the center of their product offering, and selling the opportunity to migrate clients to the cloud.

Changing the Oil

From the intersection of productivity and security, IAM solutions connect the dots between core IT functions and the end user’s workflow. Onboarding and offboarding users, connecting them to their cloud-based and on-prem IT resources, helping manage their systems at large—cloud IAM is really the oil for the business engine. And, as you probably know, running an efficient and secure network simply isn’t possible without these core IT functions.

Historically, the challenge with identity management for MSPs has been a sobering lack of choices. Using Active Directory forced a restrictive, time-intensive process for on-prem implementation and maintenance that limited the operational efficiency MSPs could reach. This increased the costs required, pitting identity management against the immediate needs of clients. For SMBs in particular, finding cash flow for CAPEX can be major hindrance in their growth roadmap. For MSPs unfortunately, there just weren’t any other choices available to use. If a client needed identity management for whatever reason, MSPs were generally on the hook to pay for and implement Microsoft Active Directory.

Next Gen Cloud IAM for MSPs


As the IT landscape has shifted to more non-Windows solutions and web-based IT resources delivered from the cloud, it is clear that MSPs need a next generation cloud IAM platform to manage them. Not only do their clients need secure access to web applications (GitHub, Salesforce®, Slack, etc.), on-prem and cloud-based systems and servers, WiFi Networks, Samba file servers and NAS appliances for storage, MSPs need flexible, centralized administration. Without this, how can they expect to scale their business?

The good news is that JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® provides a modern approach to the identity provider. Regardless of location, protocol, platform, or provider, JumpCloud enables MSPs to remotely manage their clients and scale their business with Partner-specific platform features like the Multi-Tenant Portal. MSPs can get started with the cloud IAM platform for free, and register 10 users for free per client. What’s more, the Partner Program is open to any MSPs, and provides extensive support at no charge. Apply to be a Partner today and get started!

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