Benefits of System-Based Password Management

Written by Zach DeMeyer on March 18, 2020

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Much of today’s password management is carried out through internet browsers and email clients. Although convenient, browser-based password management is directly correlated to the rise of phishing attempts, compromising millions of user credentials and ultimately leading to security breaches.

With system-based password management through a cloud directory service like JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®, however, user credentials are significantly less likely to be phished compared to web-based methods. System-based password self-service also streamlines password change processes for both users and IT. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of system-based password management.

System-Based Password Management with JumpCloud

Using JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service, end users can change their JumpCloud password directly through their system via the Ctrl+Alt+Del password change method on Windows®, the new Windows App functionality, or through JumpCloud’s macOS® menu bar app. But, why is self-service password change relevant? First, some background.

What is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is a cloud-based identity access and device management platform that centralizes access to virtually all IT resources under a single user identity. This idea of One Identity to Rule Them All® authenticates and authorizes access to G Suite™, Office 365™, AWS®, SaaS applications, WiFi and VPN networks through RADIUS, and much more. Directory-as-a-Service also provides agent-based system management for Mac, Windows, and Linux® machines. For enhanced identity security, JumpCloud provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) to safeguard systems, applications, and VPN connections along with system-based anti-phishing capabilities.

With one identity for all resources, when a user changes their password once, they change it across all their JumpCloud-managed resources. We live in a day and age where the average employee needs to remember over 100 passwords for their various work accounts. By centralizing them all under a single identity, an employee only has one password to remember, leverage, and update from their workstation, which provides a number of benefits for both users and IT admins.

Benefits of System-Based Password Management

While you can attribute a number of different benefits to the ability to manage passwords through a workstation, the two main areas that benefit organizations are security and convenience.


When passwords are changed directly from the system, end users are less likely to be phished. Because they already know that they only need their system in order to change their password, they are less likely to be swayed by an email telling them to click a link to change their password. 

With system-based password management, users can disregard password change emails or web pages claiming to be Google®, Microsoft®, Amazon®, etc., forward it to the security team, and move on with their day. Beyond phishing, system-based password management also halts man-in-the-middle attacks by forgoing browser-based password change windows. 


User password self-service, a core concept that stems from system-based password management, saves time for admins and end users alike. Because end users can manage their passwords themselves, admins notice a significant decrease in help desk tickets, allowing them more time to focus on bigger picture initiatives within their departments. Using JumpCloud, admins can also preset password policies, dictating length, complexity, and rotation requirements, ensuring end users are creating their passwords as securely as possible. 

For end users, password self-service via workstation provides an easy location to make changes to their password, which updates across all of their resources. The JumpCloud system agent also allows end users to change their password without internet access, although changes made won’t proliferate to the rest of JC-managed resources until the agent can connect to the internet.

Learn More

Check out the video above and the rest of our interactive tutorial series to find more information on how you can best use JumpCloud to bolster your organization’s identity security while making authenticating more convenient for yourself and your end users.

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