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Release Contents:
Bug/Defect Fix
Feature and/or Featurette
Function Area(s):
Directory Integrations
Deploy Date:
August 2, 2017
Items Being Released:
  1. The Directories page now has a list view, with details aside panels like other objects in the Console. This list will contain the G-Suite, O-365, and LDAP Directories. The AD Bridge directory list item will be coming soon.
Bug Fixes
  1. Released a fix for User Lockouts that weren’t being propagated to RADIUS and LDAP (locked out users were still able to authenticate against radius and access the LDAP database).
  2. Released a fix for the broken connect key button ‘Copy’ in the Linux agent install tab.
  3. Released changes to text on the user aside for the ‘Enable Global Administrator’ check box. The text will now read “When enabled, this user will have administrator (“sudo”) privileges on all systems they are bound to. When disabled, privileges may be set on a system-by-system basis using the System Bindings tab.”
  4. Released a fix for a problem that arose when installing the agent on Ubuntu 16.04 systems. Kickstart was erroneously requiring uuidgen.
  5. Released a fix for the problem caused by saving invalid integer values for Scheduled Commands, which would cause the webui to crash.
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