JumpCloud WFH Kit

For many organizations, work from home is here to stay. This kit has the resources you need to guide your WFH process — whether you need to transition your organization to a remote environment for the first time or optimize it now that the rapid transition is behind you.

Use the following guides and resources to streamline your IT workflow and secure remote end users and their devices, no matter where they’re located.

Get Started

Prepare Your Environment

If you’re just getting started, these guides provide an overview of how to manage a remote environment, including important security considerations and ways to limit your need to interact with on-premises infrastructure.

Secure Remote User Access

These guides help you assess and secure remote end user access to IT resources, as well as communicate expectations with end users about when they should (or shouldn’t) use a VPN and how they can secure their home WiFi networks appropriately.


Managing Remote User Access to a VPN

Many IT admins are rushing to stand up VPNs in response to the sudden shift to remote work. VPNs (virtual private networks) establish a secure “tunnel” between two points, and they can play a key role in organizational security for work-from-home users.

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How to Secure a Home WiFi Network for Remote Work

Here at JumpCloud, security is built into everything we do. In light of recent events, many of our customers and partners have been looking for guidance on how to maintain network security during a shift toward remote work.

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Zero-Touch Device Enrollment

These guides outline specific steps to take to prepare new devices safely for remote work, as well as configure existing devices.