Implement Zero Trust Security

Consistently secure user access to devices, applications, files, networks, and other resources from a single open cloud directory platform.


Organizations that leverage Zero Trust are two times more likely to avoid critical outages due to attacks.


Person-hours per week can be freed up with an automated Zero Trust strategy in place.


Of attacks can be prevented by the use of multi-factor authentication.

Trust Nothing, Verify Everything

Zero Trust security embodies the “trust nothing, verify everything” principle. By focusing security efforts on each access transaction and each user, rather than assuming trust across a shared, secure network, bad actors have significantly fewer vectors to exploit, protecting critical data and platforms more effectively than ever before.

Create and enforce a Zero Trust security strategy with JumpCloud — try the platform today for free!

“Thanks to Zero Trust, we provide IP-based or zone-based protection to our most important resources. For us, this is indispensable. We can easily manage more than 300 of our users — including permissions, security, and access — from one pane of glass.”

Product Details

Conditional Access

Conditional Access

Enforce dynamic security measures to protect identities without hurting the user experience.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Keep users and resources safe by layering native MFA onto every identity in your directory.

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Single Sign-On

Give users frictionless access to SAML and OIDC-based web apps, via one, unified login.

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