Why Partner with JumpCloud?

4 Reasons Why MSPs Should Consider a JumpCloud Partnership

Managed service providers (MSPs) will continue to grow as a dominant force in the IT market over the coming years. The Managed Security Services Market in particular is expected to garner $40.97 billion by 2022, and already today, over 100,000 MSPs worldwide are serving millions of clients. These clients—many of them small-to-medium-sized enterprises without enough IT resources—are entrusting their MSP to guide them with best practices, approaches, and solutions.

With IT infrastructure and technology becoming an integral part of every business, MSPs have a great deal of weight on their shoulders. Clients are counting on their MSP for help competing in the market with better IT tools and resources, more productive employees, and agility to capture new, innovative opportunities.

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Capitalize on Cloud Directory Services

For MSPs to serve their clients to the best of their abilities, they need to be on the lookout for innovative, new solutions that can dramatically increase their capabilities without incurring significant costs. This is one reason why cloud directory services have become an interesting area for MSPs to explore.

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Historically, MSPs have managed on-prem directory services that often tied them to Microsoft® solutions and infrastructure. But, as clients have become interested in non-Windows solutions such as macOS®, Linux®, G Suite™, AWS, Slack, and thousands of others, it has put more pressure on MSPs to find add-on solutions to Active Directory in order to accommodate the client’s needs.

A new generation of cloud identity management is emerging to solve the needs of MSPs with clients interested in mixed-platform and mixed-provider environments. Called JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service®, this innovative cloud directory is enabling MSPs to connect their clients to virtually any IT resource regardless of platform, provider, protocol, and location. Armed with a Multi-Tenant Portal, MSPs can completely manage their entire client base in one console, from the convenience of their own offices. As explained below however, JumpCloud’s cloud directory is more than just a cross-platform replacement to Active Directory.

4 Reasons to Partner with JumpCloud

1. Client-First Enablement

MSPs that partner with JumpCloud are enabling their clients to choose the best technology for their organization. MSPs don’t need to sell their clients on a single type of platform, but rather, they can work towards each client’s individual needs and preferences. JumpCloud unlocks customer choice, while still providing MSPs with a streamlined method to manage it all.


2. Management Efficiency

With 83% of managed service operations performed remotely in 2017, MSPs are looking for leverage. Truck rolls to client sites are the last thing they want to do when managing a growing business. JumpCloud is delivered from the cloud, so thankfully, there is no infrastructure to manage. Further, with multiple ways to manage each individual client, whether that’s through the Multi-Tenant Portal, the JumpCloud PowerShell module, or REST APIs, MSPs can scale their management to accommodate a large number of clients without adding personnel.

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3. Revenue Generation

As the core IT management platform within each organization, JumpCloud enables MSPs to touch virtually all of a client’s organization. Whether that’s managing desktops and laptops, integrating with AWS infrastructure, securing the WiFi networks at multiple office locations, implementing cost-effective storage solutions and file servers, or enabling single sign-on (SSO) to web applications, JumpCloud creates significant opportunity for MSPs to provide value-added services (VAS).

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4. Core Security

The number one security threat to the modern organization is compromised identities. MSPs are being sought out to stay ahead of this threat and counsel their clients on how to mitigate this risk. There’s no doubt that small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a target for hackers, as SMBs were the victims of 61% of all data breaches in 2016. Leveraging JumpCloud’s identity security platform, MSPs can help put their client’s at ease at a time when security breaches are a daily occurrence.

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Learn More About JumpCloud’s Partner Program

There’s no doubt that MSPs have a great deal on their plate to ensure that their clients are supported with the best technology to support their goals. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service platform can be a turnkey resource in the MSPs toolbelt, unlocking opportunity to provide clients with next-generation cloud infrastructure as their IT foundation.

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JumpCloud’s Partner Program empowers MSPs with central identity management from the cloud. Fine-tuned for MSPs with cloud security offerings and/or clients moving to the cloud, Directory-as-a-Service can be easily bundled at the center of any product stack to make customers more secure, efficient, and scalable. Make Work Happen™ for your clients while improving the bottom line for your business.

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