JumpCloud Webinar Series

Unifying SSO & MFA to Reduce IT Complexity


For SMBs, one reason IT can be such a heavy lift is the assumed number of point solutions needed to enable security and easy resource access across the organization. If bigger companies are struggling to manage multiple tools even with dozens of people on the IT team, how can SMBs possibly do the same with a fraction of the headcount?

Firmex, a global provider of virtual data rooms, began their progress toward IT unification when they decided to implement JumpCloud for its cloud-based directory service. Learn how they made the journey from targeted use to all-in-one identity management, SSO, and MFA with JumpCloud.

In this webinar you will learn:

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How SMBs can streamline workflows, improve security, and reduce IT costs by using JumpCloud’s centralized cloud directory with built-in MFA, SSO, MDM, and more

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Why Firmex decided to use a cloud-based directory as their source of truth, and how they incrementally added JumpCloud to their tech stack

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What’s on Firmex’s utilization roadmap for the future and how JumpCloud’s capabilities map to their goals

Meet the Speakers:

Glenn Attridge

VP Technology


Tyler Koltes

Solution Consultant


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