The MSP’s 2023 Planning Kit

Kick-start your 2023 business planning:
Ensure your selling, technical, and support strategies are set for the year.

What's Inside


Forrester’s Planning Guide 2023: Security & Risk

Create an IT plan that stands up against mounting security risks while keeping your budget on track.

Computer Screen with Graphic

MSP’s Budgeting Template

Use this budget spreadsheet to reveal patterns that help set your organization's financial outlook for the coming year.

Calculator with hand

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Understand, compare, and communicate the direct and indirect costs of new and existing tools, solutions, and approaches.


2023 IT Readiness Assessment Tool

Get a clear picture of your MSP's IT resources, asset conditions, existing security measures, and more to plan for the future.

Road map for mental health

Creating a Roadmap for IT Mental Health

IT is more swamped than ever. Learn tips for identifying burnout and improving your mental health.

Computer Screen with Info Bubbles

IT Priority Matrix

Weigh urgencies to determine which requests and tasks should take precedence in your ever-changing IT environment.


MSP’s Guide to IT Centralization

Learn what IT centralization means for MSPs — and the 5 steps for consolidating processes to gain and retain more clients.


Zero Trust Roadmap for MSPs

Increase your market share and perceived value with this crash course on discussing, selling, and implementing Zero Trust security.


Infographic: The Path to Zero Trust

Follow the path of least resistance toward Zero Trust implementation — without a stack of invoices from multiple vendors.