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MSP Guide to Selling Multi-Factor Authentication

This solution selling guide is for MSPs interested in providing multi-factor authentication for their customers. Multi-factor authentication is one of the most powerful security measures IT organizations can take for protecting their end users. With MFA in place, often called 2FA or two-factor authentication, it is exponentially harder to compromise an identity.

Why 2FA is Critical for SMB Security

Historically, end users would login to their IT resources via a username and password. This approach worked well until two things happened. First, the number of IT resources soared, requiring users to remember a greater number of accounts. Second was that hackers started to target these accounts and began to compromise them. As the accounts started to become more critical in nature (e.g. banking, AWS servers, source code solutions, and more), end users and their organizations were at an increasingly greater risk to identity compromises.

With identities now the number one attack vector, the concept of multi-factor authentication has emerged as a protection game-changer. In 2017, 81% of data breaches were the result of weak or stolen passwords, with 58% of data breaches occurring at SMBs. Multi-factor authentication directly combats this threat by requiring a user to enter their password (something they know) along with a pin code generated by their smartphone/token (something they have). When these are combined, an attacker must now be in possession of their password and their physical smartphone, which in most cases is nearly impossible.

The Opportunity for MSPs

The challenge for organizations has been how to actually implement MFA in their IT environment. For many organizations, the overhead of implementing MFA on their key systems and applications, and then teaching end users how to leverage it, can be daunting. But, the opportunity for MSPs to support their clients with this critical technology solution is massive for protecting clients and generating high quality revenue. MSPs can leverage the technology needed to implement MFA, and perhaps more importantly, they can use the implementation as a way to generate trust and a deeper security-focused relationship with their clients.

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® platform can implement multi-factor authentication against a wide range of critical IT resources—including systems and applications. JumpCloud’s user management solution supports MFA with macOS and Linux systems, and MSPs can leverage 2FA along with access to web applications via the JumpCloud portal. Any access to the JumpCloud user console can also be protected via MFA, too. So for MSPs interested in enhancing their internal security posture, MSP techs and admins can be required to use 2FA to access the JumpCloud admin console.

Outline of Selling Guide

MSPs can leverage this section to help create email campaigns, web pages, and/or other collateral needed for sales.


  • Service: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA)

Value Proposition

  • Exponentially increase identity security
  • Protect access to critical IT resources
  • Comply with regulations and statutes

Key Messages

  • JumpCloud supports MFA to macOS and Linux systems
  • Add 2FA to web application access through the JumpCloud portal
  • Require 2FA to access the JumpCloud admin and user consoles


  • Step-up security to protect data and comply with regulations

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To learn more about how you can introduce your clients to the benefits of multi-factor authentication, drop our Partner Account team a note.We’d be happy to work with you to create a marketing campaign for your clients, jointly set up calls, or even conduct a joint webinar. If you’re ready to see the product in action for yourself, sign up for a free account and apply to be a Partner today.

JumpCloud’s Partner Program empowers IT Service Providers with central identity management from the cloud. Fine-tuned for MSPs with cloud security offerings or clients transitioning to the cloud, Directory-as-a-Service can be easily bundled at the center of any product stack to make your business, and your clients’ businesses, as efficient and scalable as possible. Make Work Happen™ for your clients while improving the bottom line for your business.

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The JumpCloud Partner program is dedicated to supporting MSPs and resellers, providing resources to streamline their Directory-as-a-Service, both for themselves and their clients. Check out our new Partner learning courses, where you can watch videos tutorials to learn how to leverage DaaS for your clients, how to sell DaaS to your clients, and our guide to selling as a Partner.

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