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MSP Guide to Selling Full Disk Encryption

This solution selling guide is for MSPs interested in providing full disk encryption (FDE) for their customers. Full disk encryption has become a critical issue recently because of the inherent risks of compromised data, and the alarming rise in data breaches. More organizations than ever are collecting personally identifiable information, financial data, and/or healthcare records. Loss of this data can lead to fines and presents significant business risk in terms of reputational damage and customers leaving. 

What Makes FDE Valuable?

Full disk encryption is technology that encrypts data on a disk drive when it’s at rest. This helps ensure that a lost or stolen laptop won’t be a conduit to compromised data. Data can then be decrypted with a user’s password, or if the password is lost or forgotten, through a recovery key. Both macOS and Windows have built-in utilities to encrypt disk drives called FileVault and BitLocker, respectively.

The challenge for organizations in implementing FDE is how to ensure that it has been enabled on every machine and that recovery keys have been safely stored and are recoverable as needed. If a user forgets the password to their machine and there is no recovery key, the data on the system will be lost making it more critical to ensure that an IT system is leveraged to manage FDE across an organization.

A Feature for Generating Revenue

For MSPs, there are a number of opportunities to generate revenue with full disk encryption. The first is creating a strategy around data security with the client. Assessing the value of the client’s various data types, starting with what regulations they are subject to and where data is stored, can be a compelling approach considering the top SMB cloud concern in 2017 was security. Once a data security strategy has been developed, the implementation of that strategy is also an opportunity.

In 2018, 43% of SMBs cited insufficient enabling of security technologies as a growing challenge they’re facing with their IT security. For MSPs, this means there’s an opportunity to provide a significant value-add service with cloud security. In turn, the ongoing management of full disk encryption, recovery keys, and compliance reporting can become a managed service.

Cross-Platform FDE Solution

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® platform includes a policy to manage full disk encryption across both macOS and Windows platforms. Further, JumpCloud has built a secure vault to store individual recovery keys. Keys are only visible to IT admins and decrypted when needed. Key differentiators of JumpCloud’s full disk encryption policy include its cross-platform support, ability to securely manage individual recovery keys, and overall cloud-based delivery and management. There is no extra charge for JumpCloud’s full disk encryption policy. It is available with every JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service Pro subscription.

Outline of Selling Guide

MSPs can leverage this section to help create email campaigns, web pages, and/or other collateral needed for sales.


Service: Remote full disk encryption management for FileVault and BitLocker

Value Proposition

  • Protect data by ensuring that hard drives are encrypted
  • Comply with regulations and statutes
  • Enterprise scale system with individual recovery keys to prevent data loss

Key Messages

  • Cloud-based FDE management
  • Cross-platform support (macOS and Windows)
  • Secure, individual recovery keys


  • Step-up security to protect data and comply with regulations

Talk with JumpCloud’s Partner Support Team for Further Details

To learn more about how you can introduce your clients to the benefits of full disk encryption, drop our Partner Account team a note. We’d be happy to work with you to create a marketing campaign for your clients, jointly set up calls, or even conduct a joint webinar. If you’re ready to see the product in action for yourself, sign up for a free account and apply to be a Partner today.

JumpCloud’s Partner Program empowers IT Service Providers with central identity management from the cloud. Fine-tuned for MSPs with cloud security offerings or clients transitioning to the cloud, Directory-as-a-Service can be easily bundled at the center of any product stack to make your business, and your clients’ businesses, as efficient and scalable as possible. Make Work Happen™ for your clients while improving the bottom line for your business.

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The JumpCloud Partner program is dedicated to supporting MSPs and resellers, providing resources to streamline their Directory-as-a-Service, both for themselves and their clients. Check out our new Partner learning courses, where you can watch videos tutorials to learn how to leverage DaaS for your clients, how to sell DaaS to your clients, and our guide to selling as a Partner.

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