Making Zero Trust Security a Reality

Meet the Speakers:

Dennis Moore

Owner, Senior Cyber Security Professional, Coefficient Technologies

Jason Eberhardt

Global Vice President Cloud & MSP, Proofpoint

Zach Boewer

Former VP of IT & Current JumpCloud Solution Engineer

Katie Clouse

Katie Clouse

Head of MSP Sales, JumpCloud

In the channel, being able to quickly and efficiently deliver new value to clients is a core differentiator. One area of opportunity is Zero Trust security, a framework with increasing prevalence given remote work and the increasing number of companies moving toward cloud or hybrid infrastructure. In this panel discussion, we’ll cover what a Zero Trust framework is, how to position its value to a variety of clients, and real-world implementation scenarios.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a Zero Trust framework is and what it means to “trust” a network, device, identity, or location
  • The components needed to successfully implement Zero Trust for your clients
  • How to position and sell Zero Trust to everyone from the internal IT department to the CEO
  • Common misconceptions and roadblocks to avoid when implementing Zero Trust

Core Directory / User Identity Services

Working with End Users: Building Trust and Overcoming Challenges

Zach Boewer, Former VP of IT & Current Solution Engineer & Nathan Vergin, IT Systems Analyst & Administrator

1 hour 1 hour

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The Security Playbook for Startups

with Mackey Craven of OpenView

58:06 Minutues 58:06 Minutues

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