IT in 2023: How to Prep for a “Make or Break” Year

Meet the Speakers:

Steven Hodges

Systems Administrator


Rob Lyons

IT Director

Abco Research Associates

Don’t have a crystal ball to help with your annual IT planning? We’ve got the next-best thing.

Come hear the intel we’ve gathered from a range of thought leaders, analysts, customers, and partners on what’s projected for 2023 and how to factor these potential economic, social, and political changes into your IT plan.

Our leadership team will be on-hand to answer your questions live and discuss how economic uncertainty and global challenges affect IT admins. We’ll also share some actionable tools to help you better assess your team’s current state so it’s easier to develop growth objectives for the next year.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What thought leaders and others on the pulse of the economy are projecting for 2023
  • How IT admins can create a strategic annual plan despite uncertainty
  • How to quantify your existing IT output and investments to identify growth opportunities for 2023


How IT Admins Can Persevere Despite Economic Uncertainty

with Rajat Bhargava, CEO, & Gary Reiner, Operating Partner at General Atlantic

1 hour 1 hour

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Core Directory / User Identity Services

Combating IT Sprawl: How One Company Found Their Way To A Unified Stack

with Dani Gardner, Senior IT Specialist, MiQ

45 min 45 min

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Mental Health for IT Admins: Helping the Helpdesk

Rick Ginsberg, Licensed Psychologist, Ricky Jordan, Senior Technology Manager, Wayne T. Edwards, System Administrator

1 hour 1 hour

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