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How IT Admins Can Persevere Despite Economic Uncertainty


What effect does economic uncertainty have on IT admins, and how can they set themselves and their companies up for success without knowing what’s to come?

Hear from a panel of leaders who are keeping their fingers on the pulse of economic trends as they prepare customers and portfolio companies for uncertainty. Tune in to learn how economic change affects IT, the skill sets and processes IT admins can build to improve the chance of a positive outcome, and tips for navigating financials in a downturn.

In this webinar you will learn:

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How IT professionals are affected by periods of change and tips for developing processes and skill sets to set yourself up for success

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Strategies for protecting your IT team’s finances during a downturn

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The predictive steps JumpCloud and other companies are using to future-proof against economic uncertainty

Meet the Speakers:


Rajat Bhargava

Chief Executive Officer


Gary Reiner

Operating Partner

General Atlantic


Michelle DeBella

Chief Financial Officer


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