Cazoo chooses JumpCloud as the foundation of its infrastructure giving IT Freedom.

Cazoo is an online car retailer founded in 2018, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Cazoo helps people buy and sell cars and car parts. Additionally, the company offers car loans and aftercare products, including extended warranties, painting and fabric protection, and more. 

Building IT infrastructure from the ground up 

In February 2019, Joel Callaway joined Cazoo as head of IT operations. He was the company’s ninth employee and was tasked with building Cazoo’s IT footprint from the ground up.

“I had a blank page to start with,” Callaway says. “Out of the gate, I knew I needed something that would do device management for Mac and Windows, be a directory through to Google Workspace, and integrate with our HRIS system, HiBob.”

Discovering JumpCloud after colleagues recommend it

Before coming on board, Callaway spent two weeks researching potential solutions he could deploy to build a strong IT foundation upon which the company could scale.

“That’s when I discovered JumpCloud,” Callaway says. “I was talking to a couple of colleagues and said I needed something to cover this, this, and that, and they recommended JumpCloud. It seemed like an all-in-one package that was perfect to get started with.”  

After this conversation, Callaway got to work.

“That weekend, I took a Mac and Windows laptop home, created a trial account, installed the agent, binded it to a test user, rebooted the machines, and JumpCloud came up, and I was like, ‘Wow, this works,’” Callaway explains. “It was really easy.”

In addition to meeting his immediate needs, JumpCloud also offered a cloud RADIUS solution and single sign-on, which made his decision to deploy the platform even easier.

Future-proofing IT management with a feature-rich, scalable platform

After Callaway deployed JumpCloud, the company began to scale rapidly. Cazoo choose JumpCloud as a solution that could easily scale with them. Thanks to JumpCloud, Callaway and his team were able to accommodate this rapid growth without any hiccups.  

“I got lucky picking JumpCloud,” Callaway says with a laugh. “If I had gone a different route, it wouldn’t have been so easy to roll out.”

Cost savings through AWS

Recently, Cazoo was looking to take advantage of AWS’ Enterprise Discount Program, which awards discounts to organizations that spend a certain amount of money in the AWS Marketplace. To help reach that threshold, the Cazoo team recently began procuring JumpCloud through AWS.

“We were able to offset costs because of it,” Callaway explains. “Being able to consolidate purchases in the AWS Marketplace has simplified our procurement process, too. Plus, we know that Amazon does a ton of due diligence before adding products to their marketplace, so we can trust that anything we find there has been properly vetted.”

Increased IT productivity

Thanks to JumpCloud’s capabilities, intuitive design, and robust documentation, Callaway’s new hires were able to get up to speed quickly with a short learning curve.

“I’ve been able to recruit and hire internally two members from customer service with no IT experience and train them up using JumpCloud,” Callaway explains. “They’ve been able to just adapt to it very smoothly and quickly. It’s really helped them start new careers in IT.”

Improved security

With JumpCloud, Callaway is able to ensure mission-critical applications like CrowdStrike and Cisco Umbrella are installed on every device. Using patch management, he can easily keep these apps up to date.

“Our responsibility is to ensure that our security apps are pushed out to each device and always up to date, and JumpCloud makes that process incredibly easy,” Callaway explains.

Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

For a time, JumpCloud also helped Cazoo simplify and accelerate both the onboarding and offboarding processes.

“As an example, once we loaded an employee’s termination date in HiBob, it was routed through to JumpCloud, and all applications were cut off at the right time,” Callaway continues. “It made the whole offboarding process a lot simpler.” 

Recently, Callaways was talking shop with two former IT colleagues who asked him about his experience with JumpCloud.

“I said, ‘If I had to do it all over again, I would still go with JumpCloud,’” Callaway concludes. “It just makes it so simple to get up and running.” 

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