Building Next-Generation Digital Healthcare from the Ground Up with JumpCloud

Avi Medical GmbH is a healthcare startup headquartered in Munich, Germany. Their vision is to digitize healthcare access and services to make modern medicine a more positive and convenient experience for patients — regardless of insurance provider. They focus on delivering care virtually or in clinic and making it easy for patients to make their own appointments, experience almost no waiting times, and receive care via their app or on-site clinics. A fast-growth company, Avi Medical opened three medical practices in early 2021 with plans to expand to 20+ medical practices in 2022. 

Artur Domi is IT System Administrator at Avi Medical and works to ensure that the company has the technology needed to build and deliver a truly modern healthcare experience while maintaining compliance with local laws relating to privacy and security. 

Challenges In Balancing Simplicity and Security

A key success factor for the company is its ability to make employee access, conditional access policies, and device management easy and secure in the simplest way possible. Often switching between virtual and physical locations as employees’ lifestyles demand — Avi Medical knew from the beginning that they needed to have a single pane of glass to manage user profiles and policies. 

The company initially used Microsoft Active Directory, Azure, and mobile device management for their directory services. But the vision was to find one directory platform that would unify and simplify identity, access control, and device management across all operating systems and require minimal IT expertise to use. 

“We needed to be able to onboard new employees easily and accurately with the right access, permissions, and device management in place on their first day on the job — and to be able to do this consistently no matter where people are located,” said Domi. “We wanted a solution that would let us build our ideal IT infrastructure right from the beginning.” 

After struggling with limitations of Azure and difficulties of putting end users in the Active Directory with various operations systems and mobile devices, it was a challenge to keep track of all the tools they were using. 

A Modern Cloud Directory Solution

To deliver on their vision to make modern medicine a simple, digital experience, Avi Medical turned to JumpCloud for its modern cloud directory platform that unifies device and identity management across all types of IT resources — on-premises, in the cloud, and for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices — as well as its ability to enable Avi Medical to: 

  • Implement a Zero Trust model to secure user identities, resource access, and devices seamlessly regardless of their location with conditional access policies
  • Securely manage end user access to company resources through group-based authorization
  • Unify Mac, Windows, and Linux device management to enforce security configurations and end user access 

Additionally, Avi Medical selected JumpCloud because it was “easy to implement and work with, user friendly, did not require extended IT knowledge and is fast and reliable,” according to Domi. 

As a startup, we work within the scope of our funding. Our Head of Finance pointed out that by choosing JumpCloud we saved the cost of a full-time IT hire since it effectively does the management work normally required by an admin.

Artur Domi, IT System Administrator at Avi Medical

Ease of Implementation

JumpCloud is designed to be intuitive and simple to use. Domi concurs: “It’s very easy, reliable, and quick. What you need to do is configure the platform as needed and then JumpCloud will do the rest, implementing the best of safety on every device you join.” After success with a free account, Avi Medical implemented JumpCloud across the entire company. The JumpCloud dashboard gave them full visibility into every operating system — Linux, Mac, Windows, and mobile — and allowed them to readily see all the apps and tools in play. 

It also simplified onboarding new end users with pre-configured policies and single sign-on (SSO), as well as LDAP, which allows them to easily offload user validation and gain significant performance improvement. 

The onboarding process has never been easier and all you have to do is to put the device on JumpCloud and connect to the user and different groups where you can apply the selected policies. This is very helpful and always works as a miracle. 

Artur Domi, IT System Administrator at Avi Medical


Avi Medical uses the JumpCloud platform, including JumpCloud SSO and JumpCloud LDAP. 

Domi offered his insights on the value of SSO and LDAP: “SSO is an important element in the complex structure of an effective security program. It is a service that gives a user access to multiple network destinations by entering only one login, one username, and one password. Simplifying the login process streamlines workflow and adds a layer of safety by reducing the likelihood of error. If, for example, a user typically accesses four applications during a work session, going through four login routines multiplies the possibility of mistakes and consumes time. Likewise, by using LDAP, you can easily offload the user validation and gain significant performance improvement. Essentially, in this example, LDAP is another optimization layer outside your database to enhance performance, not replacing any database functions.”

Avi Medical reports that they’ve been able to streamline access, policy, and device management, while saving the cost of a full-time IT hire and ensuring that all the skills and knowledge needed to continue to manage their users and devices is maintained because of JumpCloud’s ease of use. “We are confident that as our company grows, we’ll be able to scale with it. JumpCloud can help control IT environments, on-premises, in the cloud, remote, and system inclusive. As an IT administrator, the integration of all operating systems is a value and a great advantage. JumpCloud is like a valuable assistant that you can trust,” said Domi. 

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